10 Tips for Improving Conversion Rate Optimization for Ecommerce Website

    We all have heard a lot about SEO. But do you know what CRO stands for and how important it is for eCommerce website?

    Conversion rate optimization or CRO basically means that we add changes to an existing website in order to inspire more conversions.

    If you already have an eCommerce website, and your sales rates aren’t really satisfying, you may wonder, what’s wrong. A person coming to your site is already motivated to buy something, that’s why they are here!

    But unfortunately, there could be many reasons why visitors do not convert. And we use CRO to work those issues out and improve your website to motivate more people to actually take action. These issues could be one of these:

    • the design is not user-friendly;
    • checkout is way too time-consuming;
    • your website may not look trustworthy for visitors and they might get concerned about the privacy of their data, especially payment info;
    • a visitor couldn’t find exactly what they wanted;
    • the product in the online store doesn’t look like the client expected it;

    If losing sales isn’t enough for you, there are other things that improving CRO can help you with.

    By having an effective and optimized website you can stay on top of the competition, and once you invest your time and recourses into it, you will see the results pretty quick.

    Generally, CRO tactics for eCommerce include:

    • improving user interface and experience;
    • working on providing more detailed descriptions and quality pictures;
    • making the payment process more accessible;

    If you are ready to dive deeper, let’s go!

    Here are ten tips that you might find useful while optimizing your site for higher conversion rates.

    Focus on delivering great content

    To see more conversions, it’s necessary to analyze the customer journey and make sure that you provide an amazing experience at the very stage of it.

    The content of your website can either inspire a client to make a purchase and do business with you or confuse them. We really want to avoid confusing and losing our potential customer, so it’s crucial to have a clear and persuasive content that would appeal to your audience.

    One shouldn’t forget that text isn’t the only type of content, and that there also videos and images.

    Videos can help a lot by giving the full presentation of the product. Moreover, they are extremely effective for telling a story in a compelling way.

    An emotional factor is not to be ignored. Emotions play a huge role in the decision-making process, purchasing is no different. Appealing in emotions in your copy or visual content is a very effective way of boosting conversion.

    Add quality images

    For an ecommerce catalog, there is no question whether product images should or shouldn’t be added: they are just a necessity.

    Have a look at what you have now if the pictures are looking fresh anymore, it means it’s time for an update. Pictures should not only serve as a preview to a product (which is, of course, also important), they should speak to your customer on an emotional level.

    Be strategic about CTAs

    It’s very important to put CTAs in the right places, otherwise, they are losing their effectiveness and you are losing sales. ‘Add to Shopping Cart’, ‘Sign-up Now’, they all should be where your client expects to see them and where it would take less than a couple of seconds to click on them.

    Call-to-actions should do what their name suggests, so use action words as much as possible. Make them visible by using contrasting colors. Make sure that your CTAs stand out, but do not go for a full click-bait feel. In most cases, it is repulsive.

    Improve the speed of your site

    In 2020, nobody’s got time to wait six seconds for your site to load. Your visitors expect an exceptional experience. Slow load speed usually isn’t a part of it.

    There are a few ways you can improve the load speed. You can optimize the assets of your site, or you can work on finding a better hosting solution. Or sometimes, it’s worth considering both.

    Make sure the checkout is simple

    Making sure your website is convenient and accessible for your audience should undoubtedly be the part of your plan if you aim to better CRO.

    One of the ways you can do it is by optimizing your site for mobile users. Another thing to consider is simplifying your checkout process. If the process is not convenient enough, your potential customers may quit and go searching for another provider.

    Display customer reviews

    It’s good to remember that customers generally trust opinions of regular users more than your marketing. Everyone pretty much knows why.

    Making customer reviews visible is a perfect way to elevate the degree of trust for your audience. It’s crucial to be able to address negative reviews in a timely manner. If you do everything right, even those previously unhappy with the product or experience may go and visit your online store again later.

    Add a live chat feature

    There are hardly a lot of things more important than having a good communication with your potential customers. Not every visitor would want to call you immediately, as long as they are on your website if they happen to have a question. The same goes for emails.

    So having a live chat option is just perfect for connectivity. Great customer support can strongly influence a person’s opinion about your business. If your resources are limited, adding chatbots are also an option to consider.

    Give away coupons

    Coupons and discounts can serve as effective incentives for purchase. Their effectiveness has been proven countless times.

    Collaborating with influencers is another great option. For instance, many cosmetic brands use influencers to promote their products and give them a special code for a discount that their audience can use while buying the brand’s products. So they both hear about the brand from the influencer they like and have a discount.

    Write a blog

    Store’s blog can be an effective instrument of attracting new audiences and build awareness around your business. Useful and informative content can be used as a way to keep your audience engaged with your store.

    You can focus just on your products and niche, or you can go further and explore other territories. Overall, a blog is a strong instrument of communication and building a loyal audience.

    Do A/B testing

    Always remember that your aim is to provide your customers with the best experience possible. Satisfied customers mean more sales. An A/B testing can be a great way of finding out what actually works and appeals to your target audience.

    Major companies like Amazon have used this instrument for improving their CX, and you see where Amazon is now.

    To sum up

    We shared some of the most effective ways of improving CRO. It is a very important aspect that shouldn’t be ignored when you develop online store.

    Before you implement any changes, be sure to check the stats and analytics and monitor them throughout the whole way.