2019 Web Design Trends

2019 Web Design Trends

    Modern-day website development requires careful attention to the smallest details, that must be equally spread among these three key areas: design, content (SEO), linking to search engines. When creating the structure and design of the site, a specialist must do everything necessary to make users «fall in love» with the resource at first sight. Further in the article, we will discuss relevant aspects of web design and the need to modernise existing resources up to 2019-year standards.

    Structural features

    The work of a WEB-designer is not limited to making it look good – the most effective site structure must be created. Design implementation of 2019 can be guided by the following trends:

    1. Personalized and content-oriented user experience. The user should get the most positive experience from interacting with the resource (interface quality, convenience in achieving the goals set, ease of performing basic actions). To achieve that, the structural elements of a site must be chosen in view of its content and vice versa. Artificial software intelligence will help collect statistics on the UX of your resource.
    2. Augmented Reality (AR). The inclusion of augmented reality elements, so-called technological miracle, in the work of your portal will be perceived by users with maximum interest.
    3. Sticky items. Keep the most important information in a potential customer’s field of vision or simplify navigation within your resource using sticky blocks.
    4. Chat-bots. «Hello! How can I help you?» are the most common words with which selling resources usually start their communication with a client. A pop-up chat window where an automated robot responds to virtually any targeted user request will greatly increase the efficiency of a site.
    5. Progress bar. Do you provide some training to your visitors or help them protect their account with step-by-step instructions? Embed in the learning algorithm an indicator to inform your clients of their current progress state.

    This is only a partial list of interesting technical solutions that modern web designer can implement in the work of a site.

    Graphic features

    The comprehensive functionality of your web site and its eye-tickling visual picture definitely must go hand in hand. Showiness can be achieved by a variety of color combinations and design solutions. Among the most interesting today are the following:

    1. Daring colors. Unusual combinations of bright colors palette.
    2. «Duplex-color» technique. Such a design is built on the basis of two colors complemented by their semitones.
    3. Gradient fill in soft tones. Gradual transitions between bold and pale colors do not irritate users’ eyes, keeping the focus on the functional elements of the resource.
    4. Texture substrates. Add a bit of «life» to the site’s cover using natural textures: wood, metal, stone, etc.
    5. Minimalism. White color is associated with purity and openness. By placing all the functional elements on a white background, the designer will receive a resource page that looks no worse than a canvas with a complex color palette.

    Again, it’s important to promptly respond to user demands and launch a portal with a stand out design solution.

     Designer’s vision of the site

    Interface creation requires thorough study of the subject. The concept for the web site must be worked out to the smallest details so as not to make any structural or designer errors.

    There are three main areas for research:

    • functionality
    • graphic
    • emotions

    One can collect plenty of information on each of them by:

    • studying similar sites
    • drawing ideas from a portfolio of competitors or successful web designers
    •  looking at web design community resources  
    • studying subject-adjacent sites
    • considering all the requirements of the client
    • analysing personal experience without any third-party information

    Focus on the target audience in order to create a universal and conspicuous project.


    Being guided by the recommendations of this article, a designer will get a great case in his portfolio, and the customer – desired Internet resource, with which promotion he will easily sail through due to the interest of potential users. Remember to regularly trek web design trends and adjust accordingly, for they reflect what your audience will like in half-a-year or a year time.