5 Simple Tips for Better Customer Experience

    One of the most important aspects of building an effective online presence is strengthening customer experience. The quality of customers’ interaction with your brand has a significant impact on their decision whether they want to business with you or not. And moreover, an exceptional experience can turn a regular customer into your little PR-manager.

    If they were happy during the interaction with you, they might as well recommend your business to their relatives and coworkers. Word of mouth is undoubtedly one of the strongest advertising channels has ever existed. Even though we invent new things constantly, this one channel will never cease to win new customers because of the degree of trust it provides.

    So how do you transform your customers into your advocates?

    The answer is with excellent customer service.

    What does customer experience, otherwise known just as CX, mean?

    In simple words, it’s attitudes, emotions, and ideas of customers while they engage with your business. The term includes every stage of the buyer journey. So we can say that this is the impression accumulated from the beginning to the end of your interaction.

    This interaction usually takes place within your company website. CX encompasses many aspects such as packaging, ads, customer care, etc. But today we are going to focus mainly on digital CX. So besides the website, it is also about your apps, digital services, quality of your products, etc. Online website promotion cannot go without working on providing a good customer experience. People may want to visit your website, but if the quality of experience is lacking, they may as well find an alternative.

    The journey towards improving your CX usually starts by researching and finding out more about your customer. To meet customers’ needs, one has to know what they are first!

    Why do you need strengthening CX?

    Satisfied customers are what build the long-term success of a company. Investing your effort and resource into excellent client support and providing exceptional CX will always pay off.

    It is natural to be drawn to brands that prioritize the interests of their clients. The value that a client receives is not just the product, people seek good customer experience.

    So it works pretty simply – the more value your product has, the more likely you to build a base of loyal customers. Satisfied customers, in their turn, tend to recommend the brand they like in their social circles.

    How to improve CX

    Okay, you got why you need it, what’s next?

    Here is a list of pretty simple tips that can help you better customer experience:

    Understand your audience

    We have already mentioned it, but it’s the step that cannot be ignored. Good and thorough research can serve as a base for building your strategy for improvements. Understanding your potential client and what they need makes it possible to deliver an amazing service and make sure that your clients are happy throughout the whole journey.

    Figuring out what they like and what don’t can provide you with valuable info to make a change in how your customer support operates, your website, or products themselves.

    Try to understand what your clients think and feel about your product. What can be improved? What impression do your visitors get when they first see your website?

    You can answer these questions alone, with your team, or directly ask your community.

    Build a strategy

    Having a strong strategy is the way to have full control over the changes you implement and their results. Once you understand your customer, you need to focus on measuring the present level of satisfaction as well as creating a vision of your future improvements and prioritizing aspects that need to be changed. It’s necessary to have clear objectives for KPIs so that you can track your success.

    Focus on personalization

    Working on delivering personalized service and messaging is one of the key ways to improve your CX. Personalization can help your business to win costumers’ hearts and boost conversion. This tactic is great not just because it makes your clients feel appreciated; it also can help you in targeting.

    Different segments of your audience have different needs and should be approached differently. So by offering personalized messages, you will see more leads not just because your customers feel cared about but also because you are able to appeal to different preferences that they might have.

    Here are a few tips for successful personalization:

    • base your efforts on the results of your research;
    • make adjustments according to the changes in your clients’ behavior;
    • express your appreciation to your customers in messages and emails;
    • give out bonuses and loyalty points on birthdays or other occasions;
    • customize your content and messages for different groups;
    • provide personalization in your post-purchase communication with customers;

    Add Chatbots

    Chatbots are popular and widely used and there are reasons for that.

    Firstly, they are there operating 24/7 which is amazing. Chatbots are always there to provide additional info and make consultations. Secondly, they create an illusion of live communication and add interactivity to your website. And thirdly, they are more affordable than human resources.

    So if you don’t have one on your website already, consider using chatbots to make information on your website more interactive and keep the communication going 24/7.

    Track CEM

    CEM stands for customer experience metrics.

    It was already mentioned before, but measurable KPIs are important if you want to be sure about the direction you are taking.

    The most important metrics for us here are NPS and CSAT.

    NPS is a ratio of clients who would recommend your brand and clients who wouldn’t. CSAT is used to measure the satisfaction of your customer after engaging with your business. The second one is often used in client support, but you can successfully use it in a broader sense.

    CEM can provide incredibly valuable data. It can be used for making adjustments to the strategy and finding the best solutions on the way because a strategy cannot be perfect. It is especially true when you are just starting.

    After you start implementing it – you can actually see what gives positive results and what not.

    A great CX can be your way to success when you develop online shopping website or landing page for your digital services. People are not just coming for a product anymore, they are coming for experience as well.