All You Need to Know About Enterprise SEO

    SEO is an important part of marketing for almost every business. There is a lot information about SEO including tips and ways how to boost your rankings in SERPs. And a lot of those things you know about search optimisation can make total sense.

    However, what if you have a site that has more than a thousand pages? How are you going to optimize them all? By just doing one at a time? It’s so much work to do! And that’s why we are going to talk about enterprise SEO.

    What is enterprise SEO?

    It is basically tactics and strategy that used to improve organic search visibility of big companies. If ten pages or even hundreds of pages aren’t enough for your business, then you have to rely on a more specialized approach.

    Though enterprise SEO uses some of the basic principles of general SEO, there are some additional strategies that we can’t ignore working with large companies. And there are some differences between how small business and enterprise SEOs should be approached. For example, for smaller companies it’s often said that it’s important to focus more on long-talk phrases and keywords. But when we talk about enterprises, it’s much better to focus on short keywords that can help to get above the competition.

    The benefits of enterprise SEO are pretty much the same as you would expect of any other types of SEO efforts. You can expect increased organic traffic. Your site will appear higher in SERPs for relevant keywords, and this fact, of course, influences how people perceive your business positively.

    Let’s talk about some of the most important aspects of successful enterprise search optimization strategy:

    • keyword research and selection;
    • having set up optimized templates;
    • automation;
    • consistency in content-making;

    Keyword research and selection

    Keywords are as important in enterprise SEO as in any other type of SEO. But spamming irrelevant in inappropriate places just to scam the algorithm is hardly going to help you. Search engines got much smarter, especially Google. Now the engine is able to recognize speech and decipher its meaning much better, and it can be compared to humans’ ability to do it. Google can not only understand the importance of negative particles and how the change the meaning of the whole sentence, it is able to recognize how the elements of the sentence are connected to each other to create meaning.

    So the first thing you should be focusing on with keywords is intent. Think about at which stage your customer is when they search your business and how you can target them properly at that very stage. When a person is looking for a solution to their problems (awareness) it’s too early to talk about “purchase”, “buy now”, etc.

    The types of keywords include:

    • informational;
    • branded and non-branded;
    • transactional;

    Each one of them more suits a particular stage of the customer journey.

    Having set up optimized templates

    Templates are something you need to become friends with if your aim is to create a successful enterprise SEO strategy. For example, if you have some thousands of product pages, can you imagine going over every one of them? It would take ages. That’s why we need templates so badly.

    But unfortunately, it’s very often the case that businesses avoid consulting with experts before setting up their website. So when it’s time for customization in order to improve SEO marketers meet with many hardships that could be avoided.

    Templates should be responsive, that’s one of the things to consider. Make sure that they are optimized to load faster and are written smartly using the code that helps not to overload the server.


    Again, if your site has more than a thousand pages, having to redo all of them could be considered a modern form of slavery. That’s why it’s important to rely on automation when it comes to enterprise SEO. Automation can help to improve many aspects of your marketing, and you can use it for different purposes:

    Basically, through automation, you can avoid spending too much time on research. Finding weak spots of your site could be much easier.

    Consistency in content-making

    All other efforts don’t really make a lot of sense if you are going to ignore this aspect of SEO advertising. Being able to provide quality content consistently is the road to success.

    A mistake many businesses do is that they use texts that they got from a supplier for descriptions. Probably you are not the only one getting products from them, so the chances are someone else is using the same texts as well.

    It’s very important to put out well-written optimized pieces of content regularly that accurately describe your product and your business. By investing in good content, you are making it possible to be displayed on the first pages of search.

    How do you implement it for your business?

    One of the first things you should take care of is crawling. By crawling your website, you make it easier for Google to access your site and crawl your content. Besides that, it usually includes making a site more user-friendly.

    Think about smart ways of implementing keyword strategy. You can use the power of striking-distance keywords. These are basically phrases and words that help your site appear in positions 11-20 of SERPs. By researching these keywords and pages they are on and then improving optimization for these pages is what can help you drastically improve the visibility of your site.

    Image and voice search are getting more and more popular. More people are relying on them while searching for things. By investing in optimizing your website for these types of searches, you are increasing the possibilities of your site being discovered by new prospects.

    Link-building is one of the focuses of SEO marketing; the same is true for enterprise SEO. By building backlinks, you are potentially increasing traffic to your website and improve the trust of search engines. Quality backlinks make Google see your site as reputable and trustworthy. And the search engine tends to prioritize sites that are seen as reputable.

    And also, don’t forget about internal link-building. Internal linking is what can help you make a visitor stay on your website for a longer period of time. Besides, it’s better for your rankings.

    One of the companies that use enterprise search optimization strategies is Adobe. Their site has more than 90,000 pages. It would be nearly impossible to optimize every single page manually. They built different landing pages for their solutions. And not long ago they enjoyed increased organic traffic from some 6 million to 9 million. Their site now appears on the first page of SERPs for more than 190 thousand keywords.

    Tools and instruments

    If you are thinking to yourself, yes, that’s what I need, how do I start?

    You can reach out to a team of professional agency, or you can start by trying some of the instruments out there.

    Some of the enterprise SEO instruments that you definitely should check out are:

    • seoClarity;
    • Conductor;
    • ClickFlow;

     This type of SEO is basically about being able to strategically approach optimization for larger businesses. Its scalability allows using it for websites with a hundred thousand pages. But before the optimization, it is necessary to do thorough research and work out a smart strategy.