Create Video Content to Build Trust

    Building a genuine connection with your audience isn’t the simplest target, although the necessary one if you want to attract clients and sell them what you have to offer. Customers are not going to buy from someone they don’t trust.

    We can say that trust is becoming of the most important deciding factors when considering buying something or using services. Today, earning trust is harder than ever. For example, according to the survey done by Deloitte, Generation Y, one of the most attractive marketing audiences, are less likely to trust companies and brands. Or more precisely, 26% of respondents have no trust in company leaders.

    They want to see brands with a high level of social awareness, who want to make a difference and are transparent in what they do and why. That’s who they want to interact with and share their money with.

    So, building trust with the audience is one of the key elements of attracting customers and making them want to purchase from you. Trust is absolutely worth the investment, but how do we build it?

    Our answer is, with strong content, and especially video content. Video content is an effective instrument for building loyalty, trust, and can be used effectively in performance marketing.

    Videos can feel more genuine than plain text, appeal to more senses, and have a different emotional impact on a viewer. You can use video content to tell more about the people who are making your product or making it possible for your business to exist. You can show your team, behind-the-scenes processes, or maybe some clients’ testimonials. Show more personalities; show what matters to your business and your team and how you communicate. Human presence and authenticity in your videos will surely help to build trust among your audience.

    According to the report by Wyzowl, 79% of people were convinced by a company’s video to purchase an app or software. And 83% of marketers reported having an increased ROI due to the usage of video content.

    In addition to that, video helps to make your posts more engaging. People are more willing to share videos than anything else on social media. And we know that growing engagement is an important part of lead generation.

    How are you going to use all the powers of video content for the success of your business? We prepared a few tips and ideas for videos that will help you on the way.

     Make testimonial videos

    Testimonial videos are extremely effective for building trust between you and your audience. Reviews of any kind work like that, but videos work best because they are capturing the authentic emotions of the speaker and connect with the viewer on another level. Testimonials are perceived almost as friends’ opinions and highly trusted.

    Your customers can express what they like about your product and how it helped them in these videos.

    Show viewers who your team are

    People are more inclined to trust other people than they would the name of a brand or flat logo on the screen. Isn’t it a reason for you to turn that camera on and capture the members of your team?

    They can share personal stories, their favorite projects, history of the brand, and work-related stories to show how your company looks on the inside and let your audience know that this is not just numbers of the transaction but real people. This kind of transparency and authenticity will help clients to easier make the decision whether they want to interact with you further or not.

    Show what’s behind the scenes

    Don’t you trust restaurants with the open kitchen at least a little bit more? It’s the same with companies and businesses. Be open about your company’s culture and inner processes, and you will see how people will demonstrate more of their trust towards your brand.

    Make your visitors feel included, and they will pay back with loyalty and more engagement.

    Feature UGC

    A study by TurnTo Networks shows that most of the buyers (90%) reported that user-generated content influences their decision. It’s a huge number of potential customers, and it means that UGC has an extraordinary power that can be utilized for building trust of your audience.

    UGC has been used successfully on Instagram Stories, but its potential usage isn’t limited by just one platform. But make sure to get permission before you use another person’s content for your marketing.

    The more, the better

    In some cases, you wouldn’t necessarily want to cram your social media page with too much content, but… for videos, you should make an exception. If you want to be heard in today’s flood of information, not only your content has to be of good quality, you need to be consistent with your video content and post more.

    Brand’s social media relevancy depends among other factors on how often they post. One can’t afford going missing, so preparing a plan for your video content and following it through all the way to the end is very important. Video content can help you immensely on your way to promote your business online building trust of your current and potential customers, thus leading to increased sales. There are different types of videos you can post; some might work better for your niche than others. We hope you can draw some inspiration from the ideas we presented above, and don’t forget to experiment and find what works better for your type of business and audience.