Get SEO results fast with highest-potential pages

    “SEO” and “quick” are almost never used in the same sentence. Usually, search optimization takes a lot of time and dedicated effort to see first results. However, there are some ways and practices that if used can provide you with some amazing results without taking too much time and money.

    One of  the fastest techniques for SEO is working on pages of your site that are proved to have the potential to rank higher in search compared to other pages of your website. It basically means that we prioritize pages with the highest potential and instead of working with every page of your website without any order. It is easier because some of the main pages of your site that we would normally focus on must win over a hundred of competitors that offer similar services or products..

    So if you are looking for a fast boost in your traffic, this might be the way to go for you. But how do you know which of the pages of your website have higher potential?

    As we mentioned earlier, it’s not always the case that the pages we think have potential do actually have it. It may turn out that it’s not your landing page or other traditional profit drivers, again, probably because they have a lot of competition. And after you know which pages are your potential traffic pages, here all the usual SEO page optimisation principles apply.

    Step one

    Okay, to find which pages of your website have the highest potential first use SEMRush. Use this tool in order to see which URLs and keywords rank the highest in Google search. At this stage, all the keywords that include your company’s name should be removed. Then go to Google’s Search Console. You need to get the CTR and impressions data for those pages.

    Based on that, you create a list of our potential traffic growth pages. Then you need to analyze the search results of the first page for the keywords and phrases every URL can be searched for. Look at your competition on the first and second pages of search results.

    Now, you are ready to move forward.

    Step two

    It’s time to see how can we optimize each page from the list.

    Here is how we can optimize the meta:

    • include CTAs to your descriptions;
    • work on your title tags to make people want to click on them;
    • add searched keywords or phrases in tags or descriptions when possible;

    Working on both meta and title tags is very important and it can significantly increase CTRs for your pages and subsequently make them rank higher.

    Step three

    Also, it’s impossible to ignore the content of your site for each of those pages. Go through your content while asking yourself these questions.

    Is the website mobile-friendly?

    Are there enough pictures and visuals?

    Is your content organized in an easy-to-read format? Does it have subheadings? Aren’t the paragraphs too long? Are you using lists and highlighting some parts of the text to make your content more scannable?

    Do you quote credible sources? Are you implementing internal linking enough?

    Do you address the question, do you share a solution to your reader’s problem? Is your code optimized so that your content can appear as a featured snippet?

    Another important question will be, what do first ranking sites have that your page doesn’t have? Can you add this and how? How can you possibly make your content stand out from your competition?

    By addressing these questions, one by one, usually we can see amazing results when we are done. This is an actual working strategy that can help to increase CTRs and rank higher in Google search.

    To sum up

    Although SEO and Google website optimisation specifically still require long term planning and take a while to see some results sprouting, there are strategies that can work fast. Finding and improving the potential traffic pages of your website can be a game-changing tactic that should be taken seriously. Especially if your CTRs stagnate or you are at the very beginning of your marketing journey and hardly see any results.

    This tactic can significantly improve your organic traffic. And if your website has an effective CTAs or sales funnel, you can actually see how all your effort and time invested pays off. This can become your quick go-to strategy in your arsenal for increasing organic traffic.