How to Approach Planning in Ecommerce Marketing

    Successful marketing is almost impossible without a strategy. It’s neither really smart nor reliable to wait for one of your videos to go viral and everyone will discover your brand sooner or later. By putting random numbers, we can hardly expect exactly the result we need. That’s why we need smart planning to promote eCommerce or any other type of businesses. Brand awareness rarely can increase drastically overnight. A successful strategy usually includes many steps and consists of many blocks.

    Let’s say you have just created an online store, or you are just thinking about creating one. How do you promote sales? How do you make more people aware of your brand? The answer is probably effective marketing.

    But where do you start?

    In this article, we are going to talk about some of the most important aspects of a successful marketing strategy. And we are going to focus more on eCommerce companies, even though some of the principles can be universal.

    Set your objectives

    You may say, ‘I want success’. But what does ‘success’ mean to you; how do you define it? Without understanding where you are going, you can end up anywhere. And that’s okay if your aim is to get lost, but if you want to see real results, then you need to have specific goals.

    Be very specific about what you want to get in the end. You may go as precise as to set the percentages or specific numbers. For example, you want to see a 30% increase in conversion. Or you want to have more than 1,500 customers in the next month with 50% of them engaging with your brand after their first purchase. 

    Have an understanding of your audience

    If you have thousands and thousands of dollars that you are not afraid to waste, then this tip is not for you.

    Having a clearly defined TA can help you save a lot of money because you can simply allocate in a smart and practical way. You can avoid unnecessary spending and focus your messaging on the right audience. Thankfully, many advertising platforms can offer a very effective and precise targeting setting which makes it very easy to deliver your message to people who might be interested.

    Invest in SEO

    Yes, SEO.


    It is not a coincidence that almost every marketing specialist is talking about the importance of SEO. Search optimization does work; it does matter. It is especially true for eCommerce. Where do people go when they need to buy something online? Of course, they go to search. So ignoring it is not the smartest idea.

    There many ways your potential customers can find out about your business, but the search is still a very important channel, and using it can give you some amazing results.

    We have many SEO-related articles on the website, so make sure to check them out.

    Use the power of good content

    Once a person found your website, you want to make sure that they are getting a good impression. The site should be able to provide visitors with all the information they need. When we talk about eCommerce websites, product descriptions, good pictures, possibly instructions are very important. Also one shouldn’t ignore social content marketing because today it’s all about the socials.

    SEO and content are interconnected, so while working on your content it is important to remember about the main principles of search optimization.

    Add a bunch of reviews

    People do care about reviews. Reviews and testimonials are very powerful at convincing a person to do business with you. They influence a final customer decision hugely, and that’s why you should use them in your marketing.

    If you are just starting your eCommerce business, and you don’t really have a lot of previous customers, there are some things you can do. You can give out your product for a review. You can contact a relevant influencer and collaborate with them asking them for a review that you can also use on your site.

    Use PPC Ads

    This is probably one of the fastest ways you can grow your audience and see increased conversion. The results of ppc campaign will not make you wait long. Ads that have proved to be the most successful are the ads that propose a unique offer. Your ad must contain all the relevant keywords and appealing message. The message should speak to your TA.

    These are some of the most relevant types of PPC advertisements that you should know and consider working on promoting your eCommerce business:

    • Google Paid Ads;
    • Banner ads;
    • Product listing advertisement;

    Retarget your existing audience

    This is a practice that can be used by more experienced businesses that have already formed a base of previous customers and interactions with potential customers. Retargeting means engaging with people who have already interacted with your brand before. These people could be:

    • visitors of your website;
    • previous customers;
    • social media or e-mail subscribers;

    There are many blocks and aspects of successful eCommerce marketing. And although there is no universal recipe, by analyzing or simply trying things out you can achieve success with your campaign.

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