How to Approach Remarketing to See Results

How to Approach Remarketing to See Results

    Before we go any deeper, what exactly is remarketing?

    It is when you reach out to people who have already engaged with your business. The channel they used doesn’t really matter. It includes emails, social media engagement, site visits, clicking on ads, etc. But there is a fine line between appearing out of nowhere like a stalker and re-engaging with someone in a friendly manner. Actually, if you approach it correctly, remarketing can do a LOT for little or no money.

    Remarketing is one of many types of online marketing solutions offered by most agencies.

    Remarketing, obviously, is not the first priority in terms of marketing. You cannot do that when you have no clients and zero engagement. But it is very important to understand some basic principles of effective remarketing to be able to harvest conversions without investing too much money. It can, in fact, be extremely effective because we are reaching people who are already aware of our brand and have a basic level of trust. So it is, of course, easier than building trust and awareness from zero.

    First things first

    There are some things you need to check before you actually start building a remarketing campaign.

    Think about objectives first. What do you want to achieve with your campaign? Why are you bringing remarketing up in the first place? Basically, one has to make sure that your campaign is optimized according to their goals. Is your aim to get more visitors to your site? Do you want to boost conversion? Do you need to grow the audience on your social media channels? Whatever your answers were, you need to design your campaign accordingly.

    Make sure that you have set up tracking properly. Knowing how effective your campaign in real time gives you flexibility and enables you to adjust it to achieve maximum performance.

    Your audience lists have to be well-organized and optimized. You want them to be up-to-date and contain only actual information. Having them segmented will help you to target the right type of audience with the right message.

    Put out a variety of ad messages

    One of the main differences between smart marketing and a basic one is that there is a variety of ads. You don’t just bombard them with one message. One has to avoid causing ad fatigue because it decreases the level of trust and affects the attitude of your audience.

    Just like when you are with your partner, you might want to spice things up so both of you don’t get bored. The same goes for remarketing. If your business is perceived as annoying, you lose.

    Manage and optimize the timing and frequency of your messaging correctly, this is the key to long-lasting relationships with your audience. It is no secret that we think about certain things at a particular time of the day more than other. This is a thing to consider while setting up your ad schedule.

    Remarket to the most interested audience first

    A person who has already made a purchase from you, they already have passed some kind of psychological barrier. There has been established a certain level of trust between them and your business. This means that there is a perfect opportunity to promote other products to them. Maybe you can offer complementary products that enhance the experience of using a previously bought product.

    It is important to plan the marketing of different products and for different types of audience. Your previous customers require a different approach than that towards someone who has only commented under your post or just asked about your product in DMs. Keep that in mind and try to personalize your message.  

    Don’t be weirded out when you realize that audience groups are that large, you will be actually surprised by how many of them will respond and convert.

    Think about ad quality score

    Quality scores are not something to be ignored. There are a few aspects influencing that including advertised content and targeting metrics. Also the better user experience, the higher the score. So following the advertising platform’s guidelines and providing exceptional user experience can do you a lot of good. Platforms prioritize ads with higher scores.

    Their goal is obviously to make sure that users are having a great experience, not manipulated, and exposed to quality content. By making sure you comply with all the requirements, you will see higher traffic.

    Experiment and apply changes

    You may feel safer by sticking to old beliefs or someone else’s opinion (even when they are experts), but it’s our goal as marketers to be in the present moment. Something might have worked a year ago, or even two months ago, but the world is changing so quickly! And there will never be universal recipes for success.

    It’s crucial to monitor the performance and results of your remarketing campaign. Based on this data, your observations, and maybe feedback from your audience, you can apply changes to your existing campaign. It’s impossible to plan everything perfectly, and that’s where our flexibility plays a huge role.

    What time works best for your audience? Which type of messaging works best? What kinds of visuals attract the most attention?

    Answers to these questions will help you to adapt your remarketing efforts and website promo in general, and make them as effective as they can be.