How to Build Strong Web Presence

How to Build Strong Web Presence

    You can’t yet upload your mind to the Internet, but your business should probably already be there! Business in 2020 can hardly thrive without a strong web presence. But building a web presence doesn’t equal just having any website of a company. You have to make sure that you are visible and have a good reputation online, among other things. 

    There are many aspects of building the effective online presence, besides that, different businesses and industries may have differences in what it takes to be discovered by  your audience. Sometimes the focus should be just on the product and conversions; sometimes it’s more about educational content. Even if your goal is to establish your image as an expert in your field, there is no point in having a site, if no one is going to see it.

    So, how can one build an effective online presence?

    Start with a website

    Nowadays, a website is a must for almost any business that wants to thrive. Having lots of followers on social media doesn’t really matter, if you scare your visitors away when they see your website.

    There are many ingredients to an effective site, one of them being a great user-friendly design. Your website should provide visitors with an exceptional experience and be visually pleasing. It should tell a story both on visual level and the level of content.

    Another thing to consider is mobile-friendliness of your website. If your site is not optimized for smartphones, the chances are you are losing a lot of your potential customers. The increased usage of mobile phones for browsing and shopping online is a trend that is not going to disappear any time soon.

    It takes a team of experienced specialists who know what they are doing and what is working at the moment to create a professional website. Your goal is to create a conversion funnel within your website and make sure that every detail is perfect for keeping your client interested.

    Approach social media strategically

    Okay, so let’s say you’ve made a website and have your account on all the relevant platforms. Randomly posting stuff, in most cases, is not going to get you anywhere. If you want to grow big in the future, you need to plan the future.

    It’s necessary to have a strategy. Users are bombarded with tons of content and ad messages on social media. It’s extremely easy to get lost, and without consistency, you can hardly expect that your efforts will pay off.

    Your strategy should cover timing, type of content you want to post, SEO, etc. In most cases, it’s easier to trust this job to an agency that will help you navigate the world of social media.

    Focus on delivering strong media

    Users’ appetite for visual content, especially videos has grown significantly. Visuals are obviously the main drivers of engagement on platforms like Instagram or TikTok. But you shouldn’t ignore the power of visual content for other social media. Great and cohesive visuals can do you a lot of good on Facebook. The same goes for Twitter (that especially welcomes GIFs).

    If your aim is to boost conversion on your website, you also shouldn’t ignore media. Appealing images can help to create a desired emotional impact, and videos are perfect for telling stories and delivering compelling messages. You can benefit a lot from adding strong visuals and attract more visitors to your conversion funnel.


    Okay, it’s no secret that people tend to search information about the type of product they need before actually purchasing it. It’s something that we all do. And in many cases, we end up on a page of an expert who shares the differences between a bad product and a good product. Isn’t a page like that a great opportunity to attract new customers?

    But before people can find you through a search engine, they should at least see you on the result page first. You probably do not know a lot of people who immediately go to the last page of their search and start from there. So you have to be somewhere on the first couple of pages.

    How do you get there? With a good SEO strategy.

    If you are not sure where to start and how to approach your optimization process, a great idea would be to use professional SEO services. Of course, it’s better to work with people you trust and have similar views on what effective marketing means.

    A good SEO strategy will not only bring you on the top of that search page, but it will also help you reach your target audience. Search engine policies and algorithms are changing, so it’s better to keep up with the latest updates or trust the whole process to professionals.

    Get the most of paid ads

    You can make good content, have an amazing website and… wait. Unfortunately, organic growth doesn’t show results overnight. But paid ads can sometimes literally pull it off. Using this tool you can see a huge increase in engagement and conversions pretty quickly, so it’s not to be ignored.

    Ads on social media are also quite affordable, at least compared to ads on traditional media. This fact makes them great for every budget and even when you have limited resources.

    In conclusion

    One thing to remember is that there is no single recipe for every industry and business. Your strategy should be created in accordance with your goals and needs, otherwise, there is no use working on it. One shouldn’t ignore the market and learn from the best in the industry.

    Even though a strong strategy is completely necessary, strong here doesn’t mean rigid. The marketing landscape and trends are always changing, so you must be prepared to adapt your strategy to the current situation.