How to Create High-Converting Landing Page for Webinar

    Webinars can be extremely effective for growing your personal brand or brand of your company. Online education has been gaining momentum in the last decade, and the rise of its popularity doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon.

    A webinar is a perfect opportunity to establish a direct connection with your audience. It’s the perfect space where you can present yourself or your team as professionals and show that you are experts in the business you are doing. All these things are extremely important for building the trust of your future customers.

    But webinar hosted just for your cat and grandma clearly won’t do any good for your company or your personal brand. You need to have an audience. That’s where a landing page comes into play. That’s the place where they make their final decision whether they will join you or not.

    So it’s crucial to make sure that all the elements of the converting landing page align. But what are those elements? What do you need to consider in order to create a high-converting lead magnet?

    Define your audience

    We have some bad news, it’s impossible target everyone. Even if you are selling a potion of eternal happiness and you might think that everyone needs it, there still will be only a certain demographic for it.

    You need to ask yourself a series of questions:

    • Who is my target audience?
    • What age are they?
    • If you thought of your target audience as a single person, what gender they would most probably be?
    • What exactly is their problem that you are trying to solve?
    • What all people from your target audience have in common, etc;

    Answers to these questions will help you to reach the people interested in your webinar.

    You can use SEO or paid ads to make sure that your audience finds out about you. But if the time is limited, probably paid ads on Facebook and other social media is the option to go. While using them you are able to set parameters for people you target, so that’s where the insights from previous questions come into play.

    Make great headlines

    Consider this, a LOT of people may read your headlines, but not as many will keep on reading the following content. You task is to capture the readers’ attention and be precise and clear in what you offer.

    How do you make them want to keep reading?

    • clearly state the problem your information can help with;
    • ask a question;
    • use numbers and distinctive keywords;

    Subheaders should be understandable and outline the real content they open. That’s also a great place to use keywords for SEO.

    Create the best copy possible

    Okay, you managed to capture your reader’s attention with your headlines, what’s next? If there is no substance to your text or it’s not interesting and does not resonate with your reader, they might as well close the tab.

    Your landing page isn’t an official sales meeting, there is also no need to pretend that you know everything and can solve every problem your reader might have. 

    Make sure that you present a clearly defined value of your webinar. How will your audience benefit from attending it? Why is it important for them? What aspects of their life or professional practices can be changed?

    Maybe your landing page for the webinar isn’t the perfect place to describe some details of your company that can be dropped. Your goal is to sell or make people want to join your webinar.

    Including testimonials from people who have previously been on your webinars can do you a lot of good. They are extremely effective for elevating your audience’s trust. What a business says product is one thing, what real people who have used it say is another.

    Again, don’t be afraid to be casual, there is no need to bring too much formality when you can do without it. 

    Edit your copy and use tools like Grammarly to check grammar and spelling. A mistake or two in your text may not be that big of a deal, but it’s through small details that the attitude shows.

    Keywords are necessary if you want your webinar to appear in relevant search results. But avoid shoving many keywords in inappropriate places at once. It doesn’t look good both for readers and Google. You may know that there are even penalties for that, so that’s a big no-no.

    Make a strong CTA

    If you want your reader to sign up or enter their e-mail why would you hide your call to action and make it unnoticeable? Your call to action should be the focus of your entire page.

    Add contrasting colors, make it larger, make sure that it’s right there when a user wants to say ‘yes’.

    Try to think about ways how you can make your CTA feel organic with the rest of your page. Add visual cues or create a smooth transition between the text and CTA. Placing it too deep into the page may not be the best idea, a user doesn’t have to put too much effort to find it.

    Have a look at how CTA (or CTAs) are placed here:

    You can see it above and below the main text. If you pay closer attention, you find how the text is connected to the bottom CTA with a subtle visual cue.

    Add visuals

    Reading long passages of texts without any visuals may be tough. If it’s just a regular user, they might as well get bored and stop reading your text.

    Pictures and videos can help to attract your future customers as well as make a page more cohesive. It would be wiser to talk it over with your designer because it’s better to avoid the conflict between the design of your page and images.

    When we talk about webinars, in particular, adding some pictures of the speakers may be a great idea. Make their faces known. People are more eager to trust human faces than combinations of letters on the screen.

    Videos can be used effectively to present the content of your webinar and attract conversions.  Nowadays people are more willing to consume video content, so try to focus on creating appealing and captivating videos that will persuade your audience to join the experience.

    To sum up

    It doesn’t really matter if you are using lead page generator or building your landing page from scratch, by implementing these tips you can gradually achieve your goals, be it increased conversion or larger audience.

    Online education is a trend that is not going to disappear any time soon, so knowing how to market webinars is extremely important. Even if you are new to the world of marketing, you can try and create simple landing page and experiment using our advice to find the right recipe.