How to Create Time-Proof Site

    It’s almost impossible to do business in 2020 and not have a website. And many of us wonder how we can create a great site that will satisfy our customers and improve our reputation. An old-looking website with a bad interface is a perfect way to fail to win the trust of our audience and make them convert. If you are up to that, then probably our tips will be of no use. However, if you understand the importance of a good custom website design for your business here is what you can do to make sure that your website will impress your visitors and affect how they perceive your brand in a positive way.

    When approaching planning a strategy and then building your site, it’s crucial to think about every stage of your interaction with a visitor. Every touchpoint matters, so you have to give  serious consideration to it.

    A decision to buy something from you or do business with you in general isn’t usually created within a couple of seconds. It is built through many small touchpoints. At every stage of interaction with your business, a potential customer is left with an impression, and it can be either positive or negative. And our task is to make sure that customer has an exceptional experience at every one of them. So it’s very important to have a site that doesn’t fall short of the expectations of your audience and provides the best experience possible. Every step of customer journey should feel authentic, and you can achieve that through the design and content of your website. Every failed expectation or inability to meet the demands of your customer can be crucial in the final purchasing decision.

    Let’s discuss some of the things you should consider when your aim is to create a great site.

    Is your website going to appear perfectly across all platforms?

    Let’s say you have almost finished your website. You have thought about pretty or edgy design, everything looks sharp, you’ve got some nice and engaging content. Everything looks fine, you are planning your launch. And then you encourage everyone to visit your site on socials. But have you checked whether your website is going to be displayed properly on different devices?

    For the past couple of years, traffic from phones and devices has increased drastically. And numerous reports show that people are now shopping from their devices more than ever. This is a trend that is not going to stop any time soon. So ignoring users who are using smartphone and their experience can do no good for your business.

    You can check your analytics and see how much traffic you have coming from smartphones now. And even if the numbers are not extremely high right now, you still might want to think about smartphones users as well.

    Don’t forget about SEO

    The truth is that not a lot of people are going further than the first SERP page when they are searching for something. That’s why we simply cannot ignore the importance of proper SEO if we want to see real visitors.

    Search optimization means that our website can be found when a person searches for an answer to their question or wants to find a solution to their problem. There are many aspects of the successful SEO strategy, and Google’s guidelines and policies are regularly changing, so if you don’t feel like you have enough expertise, you can always rely on help from professionals like us and our team. We are always happy to help.

    Is your site fast?

    We are living in the age of speed. Time is one of the most valuable resources people have.  No wonder that many users are quitting websites that are loading too long. Not a lot of us are eager to wait. So the loading speed of your site plays a huge role in how the interaction with your business is perceived by your potential customers. Besides that, loading speed influences how your site ranks in SERP.

    There are a few tools that you can use to check the speed of your site like GTMertix. If you find out that your website is lagging and slower compared to other successful websites, you might want to need to add some changes. You might want to choose another domain or work on the design and content to optimize it and make it faster. There are numerous ways you can increase the speed of your site, almost any website design company and agency can help you with that, so you’ve got to choose the one that you trust.

    Simplicity is often the way to go

    It looks like 2020 is not the most appropriate time to use flashy and eccentric designs in many cases when we talk about websites. Of course, it’s the matter of taste, and some industries might benefit from some more complex solutions, but when we look at some of the most successful companies we can see that almost any of their websites is basically the epitome of simplicity.

    There so many things bombarding users online, keeping it simple may be a great idea. Keeping all the necessary tabs and functions and still being able not to overload a visitor with visual stimulation while providing all the information and your brand look cool is not very easy, but that’s the way to go to win the trust of our future customers.