How to Effectively Optimize Digital Marketing for Generating Leads?

    This may seem like a too general question. And one thing that is pretty clear here is that if you want to be able to successfully market your products online in today’s world, you have to know what’s working and what’s not right now.

    We have inherited and learned a lot from traditional marketing, but today we are living in a whole new era. The Internet reshaped how we see and interact with the world and do basic things. A huge part of our lives is happening online, and with good marketing you can target exactly the people that might be interested in your product precisely at the right time.

    Yes, and again, everything is changing! 2020 is not 2010, and not even 2019.

    So in this article, we collected some pieces of wisdom and insights that may be extremely helpful if you are looking for the best way to approach digital marketing in 2020.

    Let go of the old tactics

    You might have heard a lot of experts talk about lead generation. Everyone seems to be just obsessed with it; it’s like the Holy Grail.

    But this process is different from what it has been three years or two years ago. The way how we use social media in this process has changed. Generic messaging isn’t working at all in 2020. Your audience expects to see content that resonates with them. The role of personalization in creating social media content strategy has grown significantly.

    So here are some of the things you might want to focus on while approaching leads generation in online space.

    Be different

    Almost within every niche nowadays there are so many competing businesses. It may be very hard sometimes to be noticed by your potential leads. Leaning towards conventional tactics and old approaches is not going to help you in this for sure.

    But one thing that we all might have noticed by 2020 is that personalized approach works.

    The industry you are working with doesn’t really matter, you need to be able to distinguish different groups within your audience. The task here is:

    • To divide your audience into segments;
    • To make different content that would be interesting for each segment;
    • To make sure that this content reaches each type of your audience;

    First, you will need to find out more about your audience. You can interact with them through social media or do it any other way that won’t be regarded as too intrusive. It’s crucial to understand what is their lifestyle? Where physically can you find them? What do they do for fun? Do they have hobbies? What are the problems that they face?

    Once again, you should try to avoid being too persistent, your communication shouldn’t feel intrusive, it should be natural. You can have that once you have established relationships with your audience that are full of authenticity and trust.

    Then based on your research, you need to create content that would be relevant for your potential customers. Of course, one has to provide value with their content. And the importance of visuals is not to be ignored. Infographics, podcasts, video content, there are really so many ways you can interact with your audience and get them to know your businesses better.

    Okay, let’s say you’ve got your content ready, but if no one is going to see it, what was the whole point? It is essential to put enough effort to make sure that your content is seen by your TA. That’s when you think about reach. That’s when you think about SEO and other channels that you can use to connect with different types of your audience.

    Make users want to engage

    Creating engaging content isn’t always easy because it takes more than just planning. It also requires a deep understanding of your audience and a little bit of soul.

    It’s always great to focus on interaction from time to time instead of just always feeding your audience with blog posts. You can create quizzes and questionnaires that would show that you care about their opinion and what they have to say.

    Live chats provide perfect opportunities for interacting with your audience in a convenient and immediate way. When visitors go to your website they already have some sort of goal in their head. By asking the right questions and highlighting the relevant info, your operators or even chatbot can direct visitors and make the conversion faster. Landing pages basically require chatbots or other chat options, and one of the reasons for that is that people are expecting to see them.

    Create a community

    Building a community together with other businesses can be very effective for attracting wider audiences. It can be an effective part of digital marketing for small business that seeks fast growth.

    Having a group of businesses that interact and communicate with each other is extremely valuable because it opens many opportunities for collaborations and cross-promotions. You can write guest posts, engage with other businesses through social media, create video content together… There are endless ways you can collaborate with other businesses in a way that would be mutually beneficial.

    Don’t forget about optimization

    Optimization never really stops, as marketers we should never forget that. You should continuously optimize your new content as you create it. Of course, you might want to focus on becoming friends with benefits with Google. And it’s not all about the money like in case of paid search marketing, SEO is also very important for generating more leads.

    There are many details that you need to focus on as a part of SEO, but the general rule would be to create interesting and informative content aimed at real humans. It’s not just robotic consumers who are reading your text but persons like you. Google knows when someone’s trying to stuff keywords and other tricks, so it’s always better to focus on providing content that sparks interest and is informational and helpful for a reader.

    Your website should be an authoritative resource for information around products or services that you offer. One should try to establish their reputation as an expert because having expertise usually means an increased level of trust.

    Don’t forget about the video content. Both real people and Google like it a lot and see great value in it. Google prioritizes websites that are rich in content.

    Also, the upcoming trend that marketers and businesses should be prepared for in 2020 is voice search optimization. More and more people use voice search nowadays, and we have to adapt to this new reality to stay on top of the competition.

    To sum up

    In 2020, it’s extremely important for you to stand out as a business. Ignoring new trends and the new reality can cost you a lot. It looks like this year it will be all about being able to be flexible and adding radical changes and exploring new territories. Those who succeed in it will see tons of new customers and heartwarming rates.