How to evaluate the skills of seo specialist

How to evaluate the skills of seo specialist

    Surely it would not hurt to verify the competence of those who undertook to optimize your website. The absence of visible results within a few months after the website was transferred to work or the degradation of statistics is the first bell to check an SEO specialist for the level of his professionalism. This material examines the basic qualities and basic skills that a true SEO (optimizer) should possess.

    Professional qualities SEO-specialist

    Today, the success of promoting an online resource depends on many factors. Only a qualified SEO specialist can cover the whole range of modern tools and techniques. The specialist will be able to optimize your resource if:

    1. SEO specialist works in accordance with the latest functional updates of search algorithms, knows the actual ranking factors, and also constantly monitors news from developers and leading SEO colleagues. For verification: ask the name of the latest update from Yandex. Read the link for yourself.
    2. SEO specialist is able to remove the website from the filter list of search engines. The website that fell under the filter is not ranked, and also loses its position in the list of issuances. A competent optimizer should fix this problem in a timely manner. Just ask …
    3. Naturally, SEO terminology and core slang should be a second native language for the master. A few names, by the way, («traffic», «cookies», «long tail», «website sandbox») should not cause any confusion in the worker. Read about them here.
    4. SEO specialist gives reasons every action. The SEO expert should be able to clearly explain his work with content. Just ask everything that is not clear and listen – you will feel incompetence.
    5. Optimization is partly an experiment, but the result is more than predictable, and therefore you can always ask the SEO for a forecast to be compared with the results.
    6. SEO specialist is always aware and can give an accurate assessment of the current position of the project, which undertook to optimize. Even waking him in the middle of the night, you can find out what stage the promotion is at.
    7. SEO specialist is an initiative in their actions. No need to create the job out of thin air – the SEO-master should suggest the development of the website and its individual sections for your request.
    8. You can always get acquainted with the qualification documentation available to the specialist. Certificates are awarded to SEO masters through the Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics services, or through the RDC certification center. Find out about the existence of such or attempts to obtain them.

    If at least 4-6 items from this list correspond to what a specialist can do, then he can definitely perfrom SEO for your website.

    First impression, or How to order SEO correctly

    Not all methods of testing the competence listed above may be implemented prior to the beginning of the work of a specialist. Accordingly, you need to ask something before ordering the promotion of your website from an agency or an individual SEO-specialist. Among such questions:

    • Does the SEO professional have a personal website? Its absence is a negative point. Often, a good SEO-master has several projects under control (not necessarily super-profitable and top-notch projects). Only by practicing he can gain useful experience and implement it in clients’ projects.
    • Are there any implemented cases by the SEO? In this case, it is not even about the experience in the field of promotion, but about how well the websites  before yours were processed. On the example of one or two such cases, a qualified SEO specialist will easily show that they can and what a client can count on.
    • How does SEO work with content? Even with a website and an abundance of cases – do not rush. Read carefully! The maximum level of competence is shown by those masters and agencies who talk about problems, solutions and their own vision on web-development websites/blogs. Recognizing a simple wind catching in a net is also not difficult.

    After ordering work with your website, you can perform statistical checks using the previously mentioned tools from Yandex and Google. On the basis of these websites and external analytical resources, there is everything to assess the effectiveness of the promotion.


    Always keep in mind the profitability of your investments – in paid tools, resources, specialists. Your project must be profitable, and therefore almost everything depends on the level of the performer. In the case of SEO, it is about whether the target audience will see your website in search. If you do not follow the recommendations of this material, then most likely the project development process will be delayed for a long time.