How to Get More Comments under Your Instagram Posts

    Instagram presence has been the major driving force for businesses’s growth for many years. If you want to make your Instagram account work for your business and learn how to create engaging posts that would make people want to leave a comment, we’ve got something for you.

    In this article, we will discuss some of the effective tips for making your Insta posts more engaging so that as many people could see them as possible.

    First, let’s talk about how Instagram prioritizes posts in the user’s feed.

    Your post has more chances to appear higher in the feed if:

    • it has more likes and comments;
    • the user previously engaged with your posts;
    • your account posts regularly;

    Content from friends and relatives tend to rank higher in the user’s feed. But by gaining more engagement and comments, brands are more likely to be seen by a user. For example, it’s crucial if you want to appear on ‘Explore’ page.

    But before we go any deeper:

    • make sure your page is public;
    • change push notification settings to monitor and react to user engagement;
    • work on creating interesting content that people would want to engage with;
    • consider timing to make sure that you post in the perfect time and regularly;

    Now, let’s talk about the useful tips for Instagram promotion themselves.

    Run a giveaway

    You may have seen some other brands do it, and it is quite simple and yet effective. Basically, it’s when you offer your product for free to a person randomly selected from the list of people who commented under the post or left a like. You can simply say ‘leave a comment and win …’ in your captions, that will be enough. People will be quick to react. Don’t we all love free things?

    Run a contest

    It can be very similar to a giveaway, so the winner could be simply chosen from the people who liked or commented, but here you got to be more creative. You can try going like ‘the author of the most original comment wins…’. Or you can utilize hashtags as a way to enter the contest, and again you can, for example,  give the prize to the most interesting and original picture featuring your product.

    Directly ask to engage

    You may ask yourself ‘How didn’t I think about it myself’.

    Well, yeah.

    You can actually ask your audience to leave a comment. But it usually works only when there is an emotional factor involved and when people genuinely want to share their opinion.

    Otherwise, make your content speak for itself. Tackle the topics that are impossible to ignore. Bring up things that we all care for, such as emotional experiences, affections, and memories.

    Another good way to initiate the conversation is to, obviously, ask a question. ‘ What do you think?’ ‘What’s your favorite (blank)?’

    Just try to keep it casual and natural. We all want to be heard, so it can be a simple yet effective instrument to gain more engagement.

    Include videos

    Instagram users consume a lot of videos. Video content makes you want to stop scrolling and check the post. But make sure that your video is interesting from the very first second to catch your audience’s attention. More than that, video content is very strong for conveying ideas and messages. So you can create intriguing videos and add captions that would initiate the conversation. The result will be more comments and thus more visibility.

    Run a takeover

    Takeovers are usually very entertaining. Not just because you can choose an interesting and funny person to do the job, but also because it offers a different perspective. It’s often not a marketer or SMM person, it’s just a human being with their own way of viewing the world. So it’s funny sometimes to see the contrast.

    Takeover basically means that a person posts on someone else’s Instagram account. Usually, companies choose some of the employees, influencers or content creators, and just other organizations from the same niche.

    So takeovers can be another way to generate engaging content that would inspire people to comment more under your posts, be it on your or other company’s page.

    Use emotions

    Things that go viral, usually are the ones that provoke strong emotional reactions. It can be a surprise, curiosity, or amazement. Or you can create an emotional rollercoaster for your audience. 

    You can add some relevant rare-known facts to your content, some joyful moments, or something that would completely catch your audience off guard.

    Don’t be afraid to take risks, experiment, try to be funny or do not try at all and just be funny. Whatever you do, try to make your audience feel something, and they will pay back and share their reaction with comments.

    Think about timing

    Very often it’s not just about what you post, but also about when you post.

    There have been several pieces of research and reports about the best time of the day to post. And it’s different for different audiences and even different times of the year.

    So we would suggest experimenting with timing and monitoring your stats. See where do you have more engagement and build on from that.

    Post regularly

    Posting more often will not only make your account look alive, but it will also elevate visitors’ trust that you are going to be consistent with your content and that it’s worth subscribing.

    Besides, if you post too rarely, your audience will hardly see you through the torrent of posts by other companies and brands.

    Add human faces

    Content that included people’s faces in it had a higher engagement. Maybe it’s just that we have more trust when we see a face, but it’s hard to tell exactly why it is effective.

    Well, but whatever the reason is, you can be sure that your group photos, pictures of your employees, and selfies will not go unnoticed.

    Host Q&As

    Hosting live Q&As is good for engagement, but how do you make them work for your comments?

    You can simply make a promotional post and ask your audience to include their question in the comment under the post. If the person being asked is relevant to your audience, then it will surely help you to gain a lot of comments.

    This format is also great because it helps to create the feeling that your audience is participating in making your content. They feel more engaged and engage more.

    It’s difficult to underestimate the importance of likes and comments for marketing your brand on social media especially on Instagram. They decide where in the feed your posts appear. As well as whether they will be shown in the ‘Explore’ page. 

    If you are not happy with the costs effective social media marketing services that you have seen so far, you can reach out to us, as we provide quality services for reasonable prices.

    And before that, you can experiment with our tips and find the recipe that works for your audience.