How to Make Sure That Thank You Page Works for You

    Usually, homepage, product pages as well as company landing page get the most attention when it comes to building a website and optimizing it for high conversion and better user experience. Thank you page is not often discussed, and you may get an impression that you shouldn’t really put a lot of thought and work into it. It may seem like if have a sale, your work is done. Hurray!

    But actually, your work shouldn’t stop there. And if you are familiar with lead nurturing that it should be quite obvious to you (and if you want to have customers who make more than just one purchase!).

    So if your thank you page says something like:

    Thank you for your purchase.

    We will be contacting you soon.

    Best regards,


    Then we have some pieces of advice that will be helpful if you want to make the most of it.

    Hop on!

    Use thank you page to increase AOV

    Many online stores try to persuade a customer to buy an additional product throughout their buying process. It is usually done on the product pages or shopping cart. But it’s worth noting that when the checkout is finished and a person entered their credit card number, they are already psychologically ready to become your customers. In a way, trust has been established between you and your client. So thank you page has a lot of potential for pushing upsells.

    Have a look at this amazing example by Jigsaw Health:

    They are making an offer that is almost impossible to resist. There is also a timer that adds to the inner psychological desire not to miss out on opportunities. It is a wonderful example that most probably is very effective at persuading a customer to add something to their cart.

    Inspire to make another purchase

    Getting repeat customers is one of the most important aspects of building a successful eCommerce business. So why should we ignore another opportunity to get them?

    Thank you page can be easily utilized for driving repeat purchases. For example, Shutterfly provides 20% off the next purchase. There is also a time limit for the offer. And customers can see that it’s very easy to use their services again, as pictures are securely stored.

    Inspire to share

    When a person has already made a purchase from you or, let’s say, downloaded your free e-book, usually they have quite a considerable degree of trust towards your brand. They are more committed. It’s especially so when their experience was exceptional and they believed it to be a good offer. Is there a chance that they would want to share their finding with their friends and audience?

    So thank you page can be utilized with great success to inspire your customers to share their experience with others. You can use emotional factors and show your thankfulness towards those who do share and help your business grow or provide material benefits such as discounts for a review in social media. Whatever works for you.

    Encourage referrals

    Okay, there are people who generally like to share with the world what’s going on with them and what they are up to, including what they buy and which brands they choose. And they will more likely to share their opinion about you on social media.

    You can also use your thank you page to ask your clients to refer people they know. That way you are potentially getting not just the possibility of another conversion but a real deal! People will be especially motivated to refer someone who might be really interested in your product if you offer their share or bonus for inviting another customer.

    Look at how Australian Ethical did that in the example below:

    Grow your database

    Usually, generating sales and asking for detailed info from the customers cannot coexist successfully (at least on the same page). But maybe if you don’t scare your customer away by asking too much questions, you can get some valuable data after they made a purchase.

    Thank you page is the perfect place for getting information necessary for personalization. Your customer have already purchased from you, and they don’t feel any pressure to answer your question, so they may be even more willing to do so. Just maybe highlight the fact that their answer will help you to get to know them better and enhance their experience in the future.

    Reinforce the purchase decision

    Sometimes, especially when we talk about products that have a higher cost, buyers remorse can take place. How does one deal with that?

    Well, one the way you tackle this issue is by showing your customer why exactly they made a good decision by choosing to work with you and how your interaction is going to develop next.

    Adding customer testimonials can help, as you can demonstrate why they like working with you.

    Build your community

    Thank you page can be successfully utilized for inviting your customers to become a part of your community. They already have some degree of trust towards your brand, since they have made the purchase, so why not to use this opportunity to grow your audience on Instagram or any other social media?

    Get some coin

    Another sale is what gives you more profit, so does adding revenues for sponsored ads to your website.

    Yes, we mean turning your thank you page into an ad revenue. That can be especially effective if a lot of users go through it every day.

    It will be very organic and won’t feel intrusive if you add advertisement for complimentary services or products to your thank you page. You can see this with flight booking websites and apps when they offer ads for hotels and hotel bookings after a customer made their purchase. That’s a pretty organic combination: you want to fly somewhere, so you might as well want to spend there at least the night or two.

    Promote charity

    If the previous options seem a bit off-brand, than you might want to utilize your thank you page for a good cause. Using your thank your success page to invite people to donate to charities and nonprofits is not only going to do good but will also help to elevate your customers’ trust and influence their attitude towards your brand in a positive way.

    Nita Suri, for example, enables clients to choose to donate 10% of their purchase to a charity organization at no cost for them.

    Motivate to spend more time on your website

    Okay, they made a purchase, why not to keep them engaged with your other content? You can use that as an opportunity to showcase your other offers, or simply to show some of the things they might find informative or interesting. Relevant articles, infographics, you can use whatever fits into your niche and types of services you offer.

    This way you can inspire them to keep engaging with your brand more and possibly make another purchase.

    Of course, marketing is all about testing and adapting to your particular audience, but these insights can do a lot of good if implemented correctly.

    We definitely recommend considering them if you are working on your own, most of the quality web development solutions and services usually include improving your success page (at least, we hope so!).