How to Optimize Your SEO during Period of Uncertainty

    It’s not just health concerns that the coronavirus outbreak has brought about. Many businesses have entered a period of uncertainty. One may easily fear doing something wrong seeing examples of businesses that are shutting down.

    There is one thing a lot of us might be thinking right now. Is it worth putting money and effort into SEO during this challenging time?

    Reasons why one would want to rethink their SEO strategy can be numerous. Maybe they see that search doesn’t drive a lot of traffic. Maybe the resources are quite limited, and one has to choose between the options. Or the problem might be that one has to think about a LOT while managing their remote team and getting used to this transfer and many other consequences of the outbreak.

    But giving up on seo your company website might not be the greatest of ideas. And the results will probably be after this whole thing is over and maybe even now.

    So don’t think that you have to change everything upside down. There are some smaller and budget-friendly adjustments that can better your situation and help you see those conversions.

    You might want to use the tips below as inspiration for whether you are working on your own or with the team of professionals:

    Upgrade content

    Refreshing your media descriptions can be a great idea, regardless of what your goals are. But it is not the only thing you can do.

    Now even though you may see a dip in traffic, it is actually a great time to review your content. You can start by analyzing which content is seeing the least traffic and ranking the lowest. Don’t forget that Google gives priority to the newly uploaded content.

    It may be a great time to upload or optimize the existing content on the pages that rank the lowest. One has to focus particularly on the pages that are crucial for your conversions. Their content surely needs to be updated for you to stay afloat. Here are some things you can do on this front:

    • make sure that you take care of all the dead backlinks;
    • upload relevant pictures;
    • renew recommendations that may not be relevant anymore;
    • add new keywords based on your experience and research;

    So the thing here might be more about focusing on the content that is the most important for you, content that helps to turn a visitor into a customer. It’s necessary to identify and update the content that might be not relevant or inaccurate anymore. And of course, one shouldn’t ignore keywords that are crucial for on page search engine optimisation.

    Also, this may be a perfect opportunity for rethinking your content strategy. What is something that you have wanted to add to your content game? Usually, the effect of any changes on this front can become visible only after a particular period of time, so when this whole coronavirus thing is over, you will be able to see whether your efforts bear fruit. There are even chances that your business and site will be even stronger afterward.

    Optimize meta tags

    It doesn’t really matter if you are seeing a decrease in your traffic or not, this tactic can be very useful in either ways. By simply changing your titles and descriptions you can see a lot of new visitors and improve your stats.

    This is not at all time-consuming and it doesn’t take a lot of resources. It’s a simple tactic that is, for whatever reasons, ignored by many businesses. And the visitors they lost by doing that might become your new customers.

    Adjust the tone

    This may not be the most crucial of all the tips here, but it’s still worth considering.

    Right now, it’s more important than ever to focus on the right tone for your brand. By any means, one should avoid exploiting the coronavirus outbreak. Maybe for now it’s even better not to be all about positivity and how great everything is. A lot of people are concerned about their futures and futures of others. Bear that in mind and consider what kind of feelings your audience might be experiencing at the moment. It is crucial not to come across as insensitive or offensive.

    Learn from the competitors

    Okay, once you are done with some of the simplest tactics, you can now look at your competition. But here we do not mean stealing, but rather learning. What do they have that you don’t have so far? What are they offering their audience that your content is lacking? Try to learn from that and add something that might be missing to the content. Or try to make something even better!

    This challenging time makes a lot of businesses stop investing heavily into marketing. That means that there is definitely a void for particular types of content or messaging. You can be the one to fill it with your content.

    It could be a smart idea to start monitoring your competitors over a period of time. Is there a keyword or phrase for which they appear higher in search? Maybe there is a type of audience that they are targeting more successfully? What can you change to outrank them?

    To sum up It may be very tough to choose what’s best for your business right now during this climate. Probably this is the perfect time to ask for professional help if you feel uncertain of what can be done to avoid damages that can be brought by the outbreak and its consequences. Every agency has a different seo cost, we, for example, a team from TOP Studio offer our services for very fair and affordable prices.