How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Improve Pay per Click Campaign

    As the growing number of companies is investing in paid ads, the PPC auction is seeing the increasing competition. It’s not at all like it used to be, and many marketers may find it hard to get effective results. Can AI save the situation?

    AI technologies are being developed at a rapid pace and implemented in different areas of our lives. AI-based instruments and tools are becoming more and more advanced; they now promise some precise and great results. Although we cannot yet teach a machine to think like a person or make decisions like ones; it seems like AI is being used for many things in our lives. AI is not just about smart robots that can feel; it is also about making complex decisions in real time based on several factors simultaneously and helping with particular tasks. Managing PPC spending is one of them.

    What can AI really do on this front, and how exactly does it work here?

    We are going to discuss just that. Let’s talk about how AI can boost the effectiveness of our PPC campaign management efforts and help you seeing higher conversion.

    AI decides whether to bid on your terms

    Sometimes companies may have hard time deciding whether it’s worth bidding on their brand terms. You might think that it’s always worth it because one has to protect their brand. But way too often it doesn’t lead to any successful results. It’s especially so when we are talking about a niche where there is a very high level of competition.

    AI can make this decision much easier. And also you can save a lot of money and avoid many mistakes. Artificial intelligence can successfully manage the budget and make sure that it’s spent efficiently. It automatically checks ROI targets and gives reports on chosen stats. So AI can save you a lot of work and provide you with precise measurements.

    AI decides whether to use brand terms of your competition

    Sometimes you might be asking yourself the opposite question, should you undertake the brand bidding of your competition? In many cases, marketers are afraid that what they get from it won’t compare to what they lose in terms of brand positioning. AI can be set to work exactly in the way that eliminates all of their worries. AI-based instruments can help you find perfect opportunities and stay above your competitors at every point in time.

    AI tools hold an amazing power because they are able to consider many possibilities at the same moment, so it’s something that not every human is capable of.

    AI  helps to increase the number of keywords

    The number of keywords used in your campaign can be very limited without the usage of advanced instruments. Artificial intelligence allows finding and testing as many keywords and phrases as possible. AI-based instruments are not humans in a way that they cannot get tired and are able to work constantly searching for trends and analyze the competition.

    AI allows managing campaigns with a wide geography

    Many companies often have to manage multi-regional campaigns. Even businesses that operate within a single nation meet a lot of challenges when they have to control PPC campaigns. AI makes it so much easier. Artificial intelligence is able to react to every change without you even having to take care of it. Every change in customer behavior, search behavior, demand, etc. is noticed and acted upon. AI does not only allows managing every little detail of local search or campaign for every store, it also allows us to have centralization in the way we approach managing.

    AI makes bidding more effective

    One of the main advantages AI-based instruments tools and instruments have is that they are able to learn. That’s not artificial intelligence when you program it to do exactly what you say and in that exact order. That’s the difference between AI-based tools and other tools: they are analyzing the situation, the conditions and based on that make the decision on what’s the most effective thing would be. And they do it in less than a second! All these processes would normally take you at least some hours if not days. Isn’t this fantastic?

    Artificial intelligence is able to consider multiple strategies simultaneously and do optimizations based on multiple factors. CPL, CPA, ROI, all these factors will be taken into consideration. Your campaign will be able to be adjusted in many ways and using many settings. It provides many opportunities to help you achieve your goals and ultimately find success. AI tools can be used successfully for Google AdWords setup.

    Is artificial intelligence for you?

    There may be a lot of concerns that AI technologies may make a lot of people lose their jobs. A lot of dystopian fantasies and ideas have been going around; sometimes we may be scared that we can lose control over AI and what the consequences could be. However many companies and brands are achieving great success by using these technologies, so maybe being afraid only deprives you of some amazing instruments? So it may be smart to choose ppc services that are using AI-based tools.