How to Use Lead Bots to Effectively Generate More Leads

    Isn’t the personalized service something that we all wish we could provide for your customers? Using human resources, however, can be quite costly. So thankfully, there are robots, or actually, programs that can help us a lot on this front. Yes, we are talking about chatbots.

    Some 40% of Gen Y’s have interactions with chatbots every day. This is something they are comfortable with, and obviously more and more businesses rely on them to communicate with their potential customers. Chatbots are now a part of many online marketing solutions. A person can ask their question, get more detailed information, and eventually make an order through their interaction with a bot.

    Lead bots are basically bots that were created for converting prospects and visitors. They are made primarily for getting prospect’s information and qualifying leads. They collect data such as IP and cookies and use them for making the interaction feel personal and delivering relevant messages.

    They are used very actively, and they are not going anywhere!

    If you are still considering using lead bots, here is some info on what they can do:

    • interact with a random visitor on every stage of their journey in a meaningful way;
    • give quick responses to a visitor’s questions and hesitations;
    • provide exceptional services;

    And now let’s about how lead bots can help you achieve your goals:

    Help to create a welcoming environment

    The first impression is very important, you really want your visitor to feel welcome when they come to your website. Chatbots and their welcome message can be a great start of your interaction with a prospect. It doesn’t cost you a lot, but it already sets the mood and affects how a person perceives your brand.

    You want your visitor to trust your business, so it’s better to add something a little extra to make them feel at home. However, there are a few things that you might want to think about while setting up your chatbot.

    Avoid being or coming across as too annoying. That can scare away your potential customer. And second of all, make sure that your tone of voice is just right. Different customers require different approaches, so have a look at your TA profile before you choose the way you want to speak to them. And it’s also important to mind your brand voice. If you are an app for teenagers and Millennials, this is one thing. However, if you are offering financial services for large corporations, it is completely another.

    Look at this amazing example of Cheapflights bot. The tone is pretty casual, and its functionality is quite outstanding. The bot can basically do the job of a person.

    Provide services and support in several languages

    This one is especially important for businesses that operate worldwide.

    It’s a quite known fact that people are more willing to do business when they are addressed in their native langue. And it’s not that hard to guess which country your visitor is from. So why would you lose the opportunity to boost your conversions by appealing to the audience worldwide, especially if your product can be bought and used everywhere?

    By the means of multilingual bots, you are able to expand your TA and provide an exceptional experience for prospects. This will result in increased conversion.

    However, you might want to be careful with the translations. It’s often the case that various symbols or colors may mean different things in different languages. So it’s better to be respectful and not to show any rudeness in order to keep your customers from different countries.

    Start a conversation using the right timing

    Marketers are not able to fully predict the visitor’s behavior. It is possible to make suggestions, but sometimes even when your plan seems perfect you can still lose a good amount of your prospects. This can be avoided if we were to know what was going through their heads, what kind of doubts they might have.

    Chatbots can engage with a visitor at a time when it’s the most important. Using a set of triggers, you are able to set up your bot to interact with a prospect and answer a question they might have or make an offer that they might like.

    You can set up a pop-up message when a person is about to leave your site. Based on their activity, you can send a relevant message to help them convert. Your bot can send a message in a chat. For instance, you can notify your potential customer that there is your store located near them that they might want to check out. Look at this example from Sephora:

    This is called a triggered message and can be of great help. You can use it in many ways. There can be time-based, location-based (like the example with Sephora) triggers. Or you can prepare an offer for a recurring customer, or the one that couldn’t successfully finish a payment process. Or maybe they left an item in the shopping cart, and you could send out a reminder to their e-mail. If you are a design agency, and you have a client who asked you to do their web design two years earlier, it could be a smart idea to return to them two years after and maybe send a new website promo.

    In general, chatbots are actively used now, and many companies believe that they will be an important part of marketing in the future. They do provide some amazing functionality and are able to create a sense of personal connection during the interaction with a customer. Besides all that, they show quite a high level of cost-effectiveness which makes them perfect for any budget.