How to Use Video Content in Promoting Ecommerce Business

    The power of video content in marketing has been proven by many big companies. Video is an extremely useful tool when your aim is to educate a person about your products or services. It’s not just an excellent instrument that can be used to convey information, it provides some amazing story-telling capabilities.

    The importance of emotional factors and triggers in marketing is no secret for any marketer and business out there. What makes video content so effective for promoting businesses is that there are numerous sensory channels involved simultaneously when a person engages with that piece of content. Text with pictures can do a great job; infographics can be effective too, but when it comes to emotions there are probably not a lot of things that can be as powerful as videos.

    Nowadays, when the competition is higher than ever the emotions that are associated with your brand and trust are the most valuable investments. You could be just another brand of something-something, or you could be the brand.

    By the means of video content, it’s not hard at all to establish an image of a trustworthy professional. It is the perfect tool you need if you want to elevate the trust of your audience and establish a strong online presence.

    But good video content doesn’t equal good lighting and professional editing. A product video should be created based on several principles. Let’s talk about things you need to consider while creating a promotional video as well as some types of them.

    Illustrate a problem and propose a solution

    Look at this example here:

    The product is described in detail later, but before that the short story takes place. We can clearly see a problem that many of us can relate to, and then we see the solution. It is a great example of you can make an engaging video. A character that viewers can relate to, a clearly stated problem, and the solution that is our product are the perfect recipe for a video to use in your marketing.

    A video like this one could be perfect at the beginning of a customer’s interaction with your business. Obviously, there are other formats and types of videos out there, but character animations do work very well in showing what kind of problems or pain points your product can solve.

    Animated graphics are a perfect way to avoid using too abstract pieces of information and appeal to human emotions. And that’s how you can build trust. Dry numbers and statistics are not as powerful at that.

    Show the functionality of your product

    When we talk about making a product video, it is important to make sure that it has to show all the features of a product and how it can be used. This video is perfect because it shows the functionality of the product and many ways of usage. The product is now just described, there is also a set-up instruction that adds value to the video.

    Clips that contain close-ups are very effective at presenting your product as a high-quality product. Good angles and appealing presentations may really make a person fall in love with your product.

    Instructional videos could be very useful for customers who are already considering purchasing from you. They can be extremely helpful and are especially important for products that have many functions.

    Tell a story with explainers

    Explainers are perfect when you need to deliver some sort of information and add emotional notes that will resonate with your potential customer. They can be extremely engaging if approached right. Using explainers, you can make any complex information digestible and even enjoyable and pleasant.

    Probably, if your goal is to take socials by storm, this is not your first choice. They are more subtle in their power. But they are very strong at building and maintaining a meaningful conversation with your audience about things that matter to them.

    Convince using testimonials

    It’s a common mistake that a lot of eCommerce businesses make. They say that their product is good and effective and that it has value, but they don’t have anything that would prove their point. That’s why we are going to talk about testimonials. This is a perfect opportunity to bring something that would validate your product.

    Testimonials are like a breeze of fresh air. They can do a great job at convincing a potential customer to do business with you. In most cases, they are interviews with clients who have already engaged with your business.

    Here are some tips for creating an effective testimonial:

    • make it look like a dialogue and make sure that your client has enough time and space to express their opinion and share their experience;
    • provide diversity in the viewpoints so that all types of people could relate to your video;
    • try to preserve authenticity and avoid too many planning and instructions;

    These are some types of videos that you might want to consider making that will elevate the trust of your audience and convince them to do business with you. Whether you are using commercial video production services or working on your own, by approaching your product video correctly you can see some amazing results that you can hardly achieve by any other marketing instruments.