Landing Page vs Business Card website: What’s the Difference?

    Nowadays, web-studio masters can offer clients two main formats of websites for presenting or advertising their product (goods and services). These are the so-called Landing Pages and Business Card websites. In this article, we’ll discuss in detail the advantages of both types and compare their functionality in view of the particular needs of a given company or organization.

    Main features

    To create a tailor-made few-paged website that is oriented on the company’s products, the developer should really know all the nuances of such projects.

    1. Landing Page is a single page containing the necessary information about the advertised product. Usually, a reader gets to the landing page via contextual advertising or SMM posts in social networks. The key feature of such a page is that it is made for one product only.
    2. Business Card website may have one or more pages containing sections with a description of various facts about goods and services as well as a presentation of the supplier and his products. With a large catalogue of products, one can always edit a business card website by adding or removing goods as well as attaching as many landing pages as needed.

    The webmaster should open access to editing a small-paged website from his “administrative office.”

    Among general parameters of such projects are the following:

    • Small volume. By itself, Landing Page and Business Card website can consist of one page only. For a landing page, it can be a tape layout of any length.
    • Brief and essential information. In the case of a Landing Page, its goal basically comes down to prompting potential customers to action. Everything is organized in a way so that the user call or leave a request for company managers. If a business card is being created, it is saturated with the most important information about the organization and its products. All this information also helps to attract the maximum number of customers.
    • Catchy design. Considering the fact that neither landing page nor business card contains a complete review of goods and services, it is necessary to make the user not only think but “fall in love” with the resource at a glance. To achieve that, bright color palettes, unusual graphic elements, animation, interactive modules and other visual effects are widely employed, forcing the user to view the page to the end.
    • Simplicity in creation and implementation. Any project can be developed in a matter of hours. A clear-set task is enough for a web-studio specialist in order to create and launch a landing page or a business card website. The whole process of managing such resources is reduced to performing basic actions on an intuitive administrative panel.

    However, quite a number of details is what makes landing pages differ from each other.

    Landing page or Business card website: What to choose?

    Small companies may opt for a business card as an advertising banner placed on the network. They do not need to have a full-fledged website to inform their audience about the current range of goods or services. For large organizations, 2 or3 online business cards can be used as transitional pages.

    Landing is configured so that the user understands why he is ordering a product or service. It can mention the unique advantages of the company and the benefits that the client will receive from the purchase (order). After a positive opinion about your product has been formed in the user’s head, they will go to the corporate site from the landing page or order a call back from the manager.

    There are several practical features and recommendations regarding the use of the projects:

    • Normal SEO promotion is useless when working with landing pages (traffic must be bought); however, it remains effective for business card websites.
    • Do not forget to adapt your webpages for mobile devices.
    • It is better to test the offer (product) through several landing pages that differ in design and content delivery; the only one website with zero-conversion is an unprofitable investment.

    Being guided by the information from this article, you’ll be able to make the right choice between ordering a landing page or a business card website from a web studio. When requesting a turnkey project, please, keep in mind that a quality website cannot cost a penny – any qualified developer values his time. In perspective, he develops for you much more profitable project than the one-time amount of money he will earn from creating it.