Social media and content-marketing: Trends in 2019

Social media and content-marketing: Trends in 2019

    Today, social networks are virtually no alternative platform in terms of their effectiveness in promoting a brand. From year to year, the ways of presenting content tied to a company name change. A comprehensive analysis allows us to highlight several key trends for SMM in 2019. This material contains the main trends in the development of SMM on popular Internet sites, as well as recommendations for managers who have decided to order promotion for their company.


    Large bloggers who live on the principle of «advertising for the sake of advertising» lose their credibility. The price tag of advertising integration in most cases is not commensurate with the utility coefficient of impressions. Today, PR agencies and marketers closely monitor bloggers from the Micro Influencer category (from 10 to 150 thousand subscribers).

    Studies indicate that the audience is more involved in what micro influencers do. If you order SMM from one of these bloggers, the price tag will be lower, and the chances that your brand will become the subject of a dialogue between the subscriber and the author of the content will increase significantly.

    Coverage of various fields

    Today, one page is not enough to reach the entire target audience. Social networks are visited by completely different users. A pronounced separation by age and sex.

    Increasing the volume of unique content increases the efficiency of the procedures implemented by SMM, while the point injection of money into one single developed page is unprofitable.

    Make your information unique, avoid duplicating posts from one website to another, and also fully utilize the technical capabilities offered by the resources used.

    Updating promotion models

    Technical means and methods of presenting information change with speed, depending on a variety of factors. It can be considered a key indicator of the addictiveness of the social network audience to the content that appears on the screens of devices. Today it is worth being guided by a number of pronounced trends.

    Longreads (long posts)

    Statistics show that users of social networks began to read again. The text format of content delivery is returned to the marketing showcase. We are not talking about a full-scale transition exclusively to longreads. Engage a dotted text canvas to gauge audience interest.

    Mailing to community members

    According to estimates of marketers, up to 90% of the advertising messages sent to community users find a response from the latter. About 20% of such dispatched messages provoke the beginning of a dialogue with the user.


    Communication with the robot was initially perceived as something frivolous. If in the process of dialogue the user is satisfied with the solution to his problem, then he gives a positive assessment of the modern version of the answering machine (about 33% of cases). Debug the system so that it covers the maximum range of possible issues.

    Interactive content

    When selling, do not forget to entertain customers. Users actively participate in quizzes and polls, even if they do not receive any benefit from it. Similarly, the most advanced tools of «augmented reality». When a user can simulate the installation of furniture through the screen and camera of his smartphone or try on a wardrobe item – the purchase is almost guaranteed.

    Disappearing content

    «Stories» is an opportunity that came from Instagram and spread through social networks in various functional variations. This is a sign that almost every subscriber looks at least once. It remains only to regularly add new content that can interest at a glance.

    Video and broadcasting

    One minute-long entries for Instagram today have grown to a video format with the functionality of the IGTV service. This allows you to create full-fledged reviews of products or services, performing full-scale advertising integration.

    Separately, it is worth paying attention to «live» broadcasts, where the dialogue with subscribers and, as a result, potential customers, reaches a new level. If you are targeting this segment of SMM promotion, then it is very important to choose a speaker/blogger with honed skills of public speaking.


    This is only a tentative set of trends, towards which social networks and SMM will develop in 2019. In the list of goals, prioritize the interest of the target audience, and then interpret the actions taken to solve the problem with minimal losses of finances (resources).