What You Need to Know about Brand Messaging

What You Need to Know about Brand Messaging

    Sometimes business owners just like marketers can put a lot of effort into creating separate campaigns, viral content, and bringing new products on the market. And there is a practice that often ignored by many. It is brand messaging.

    Social media platforms have more users than ever and the numbers are only growing. In order to provide users with a better experience, social media platforms limit the reach of content seen in the feed. That leads to reduced organic reach.

    One has to really put a lot of focused work in order to be seen by users and that is essential in cases when you are, for example, creating your personal brand. So how can you make sure that there is a spot for you in users’ feeds and hearts?

    Partner with small influencers                                    

    Micro influencers are the future of marketing or, in our case, they should be present. The level of loyalty and trust their audience has for them can provide you with huge opportunities for growth if you know how to use this channel correctly.

    People, in many cases, trust small influencers almost like their friends, and that’s what you should be looking for if you aim at boosting your conversion rates or growing your personal brand. Your staff, your business partners, followers who like your brand, you can start by making them the advocates for your brand. They may not have the number of followers Rihanna has, but surely they are some of them who can help you achieve desired results.

    Create a list of advocates. You can start by contacting your satisfied and loyal customers and passionate employees and offering benefits for those who choose to become your advocates. Work out a set of guidelines for your advocacy program and find ways to monitor its results.

    There are tools that can be useful if you want to monitor what people online are saying about your brand and look for potential advocates like Hootsuite and Mention. Some of the instruments you might want to use for managing advocacy information and inviting advocates-customers include Influitive and Ambassador.

    Distribute content using different apps and networks

    One of the effective ways of reaching a broader audience is to use distribution platforms and networks. Generally, the ways you can do that include:

    • Paid ads can be extremely effective when used to target specific audiences on the platform. Keep in mind that every social platform has different demographics. Instagram and Twitter have different  audiences that they can reach;
    • Networks: CDN or Content Distribution Networks like Akamai or DrumUp (the latter is a content discovery tool can help suggest your content to the people that will most probably find it interesting and relevant;

    Recycle your content

    Just like with old clothes or old things, it’s better to use the idea multiple times before throwing it in a trash bin. It’s obvious that developing content takes more than a couple of minutes, so why don’t you try giving your old content new life or from the very beginning seek ways to use multiple formats for the content.

    Blog post, visual content, video, you can use single research or piece of content and turn it into multiple entities for different platforms. A series of posts can become an e-book. An article can be turned into visual content for Instagram or infographic. Talking about infographics, some of the tools and services for creating them we would recommend are Venngage and Visual.ly. Venngage is pretty easy to work with and offers flexible pricing with even allowing using some of the functionality for free.

    Bring powerful visuals

    Posts with visuals see more than 6 times more engagement than the ones without them. Ignoring the visual element of your messaging on social media can be a crucial mistake. We, humans absorb information easier when pictures or images are involved. Visuals are also great for showing how you stand out from the rest of the market, drawing attention, and expressing the voice of your brand.

    When we say ‘visuals’, we don’t only mean static images. They also include video content, GIF, and infographic. For example, GIFs are a good fit for the format of Twitter’s platform, they also help to convey emotions and express the human side of your brand. GIPHY is a great place to search for the needed GIF. Video provides extensive opportunities for delivering complex and compelling messages. Video format works pretty much across all platforms and helps to achieve higher conversions.

    Invest in SEO

    Working on your SEO is one of the main things that can help your website or an account on social media become more visible. You can find more about SEO practices on our website; let’s just outline what they usually include:

    • growing your audience;
    • getting quality backlinks;
    • optimizing your content;
    • building reputation, etc;

    For the successful and precise search optimization work, one will need some SEO research tools. You may consider using Soovle and Jaaxy, as well as Google’s own tools.

    To sum up

    There are many aspects and practices of digital brand management that you need to consider if you want to build a strong online presence that will help to achieve your business goals. Brand messaging can help you to motivate and inspire your potential customer to do business with you after you appeared on their radar.