What You Need to Know About Social Media in Marketing in 2020

    A big part of our life has transferred to social media. That’s where we meet new people, converse with our family and friends. And actually, that’s where a lot of purchasing decisions are made. New brands and businesses are discovered on socials, and that’s where interacting with them feels the most natural for most of the consumers. It is especially true for those who prefer socials over other channels, i.e. younger people.

    In general, the introduction and popularity of social media platforms have reshaped how brands engage with and find their audiences. Before one had to go to live events and present their products at relevant conferences. But now, with so many different targeting settings, companies can easily reach out to those you might find their products interesting.

    Socials changed how brands interact with their audiences. Now it’s easier than ever for new businesses to be noticed and attract the attention of their TA. It’s so simple to start building a community on socials because that’s why they were created.

    Social platforms have more than 3 billion people users every day. It’s no wonder that more than 70% of specialists believe in the effectiveness of using them for their marketing.

    Besides that, regular users do rely on social media when they do their research. It doesn’t usually stop with googling something. More than 50% of consumers use socials for their product research.

    The success of your business could really depend on your presence on social, but the thing is, usually building your presence there takes some time. It doesn’t happen overnight. There are some tactics and strategies that are unique for this type of marketing. It is really important to learn about marketing your business on social media if you want your business to succeed in 2020.

    So if you are interested in how exactly socials affect your business, then keep on reading.

    Allows having better personalization

    Personalization plays a huge role in today’s marketing landscape. Many marketers agree that it is very important in their approach. Today we are able to achieve the level of personalization that was never available before.

    Easily adjustable settings allow us to reach out to a certain group of people with particular interests or other characteristics. We can easily send out a relevant message to people who might find it interesting. Social platforms are places where people share what they care about, extensive personal data, their hobbies, and interests. This information makes socials a perfect place to deliver your message.

    Besides that, people do appreciate it when businesses offer them something relevant, something they might care for, instead of something they see no value in. There is hardly any better place to maintain a personalized interaction with your audience than social.

    The availability of chatbots makes socials a perfect destination if you are looking for a personalized approach. These bots show much higher open rates when compared to older methods of messaging like emails.  

    Provides perfect opportunities for building presence

    People are spending so much of their time on social media, and that’s where they have probably the most chances of coming across your brand. Basically, you can make your brand visible to anyone on the planet.

    It’s a well-known fact that a person has to see a brand’s message several times before making a purchase. Nowadays, the average person sees a few thousand messages every day. Let’s just say that this is a lot. So probably now it takes more time for a person to shape a preference towards your brand. Through social media, you can easily make sure that your message is seen and present in the eyes of your potential customer.

    Paid ads amazing at showing you results fast, but even without them you still have a lot of opportunities to be seen and build visibility and brand awareness.

    Helps to build loyalty

    It’s hard to underestimate the importance of trust and loyalty in the interaction between a brand and a customer. Social provides perfect opportunities for generating and maintaining them.

    One of the ways you can build loyalty is by directly engaging with your audience. Look at this amazing example by Glossier.

    This is itself an example of customer loyalty, but the fact that the brand retweeted sends a message that they care. By sharing content posted by your audience, you are building a connection that feels personal. Thus more and more people will be willing to engage with your brand. And before you even know it, they will become loyal brand advocates.

    Provides more possibilities for collaboration

    Socials are perfect for collaboration. And personalities with many followers can be a great source of new audience members.

    Many brands are collaborating with influencers and use this opportunity to grow their audience and build awareness. This is a trend that is getting more and more popular as more people are looking up to their favorite personalities on socials and want to hear what they have to say.

    Almost 2/3 of marketers are going to invest more in collaborations with influencers.

    Look at this example from GymShark:

    It has gained a lot of attention and many likes that may bring a good amount of new customers and audience members for the brand.

    Helps build credibility

    When a person is making research before buying something from a business, one of their first destinations would probably be socials. They are going to check this business’s account for more information and feedback from customers who have already engaged with it. Prospects will pay attention to engagement on your page and reviews.

    After seeing this in a restaurant’s social account, you might have no hesitations to go and try their food:

    It looks like a consumer needs to see no less than 40 reviews to feel assured to do business with a brand.

    Socials provide great opportunities for dealing with bad reviews as well. Reputation management is extremely important as it’s nearly impossible to be able to provide 100% perfect service and customer support all the time. Those who are considering doing business with you are going to check how you deal with bad reviews, and that will shape their perception of your brand. Consumers appreciate when brands respond to feedback probably because it shows that the brand cares.

    Provides perfect opportunities for creating a personal brand

    When you are a coach or independent expert the importance of personal brand is obvious. However personal branding can be very useful and effective for driving success across almost every industry. When there is a person behind a business that you respect and care about then you will feel more inspired to interact with this business.

    Posting educational, informative, and even entertaining videos and content could be a great way to establish your reputation as an expert. Consistency can be very important as well. Being active and engaging with your audience is a must because you want to increase engagement and build the loyalty of your following.

    If you are having a hard time figuring out where to start, it’s probably better to start with a plan. Look at your consistency, should it be improved? What kind of content already attracts the most attention? Or if you are new to social marketing than it may be better to use social media marketing services.

    Obviously, the success doesn’t come overnight, but being consistent and resilient will show it results sooner than you think.