What You Need to Know to Build Converting Landing Page

    Landing pages are usually used for achieving visible results. We create websites for building a strong online presence, connecting with our audience, and our goals for a website are numerous; they are usually changing. But what if your goal is simply to promote a product, like an e-book? Or you are promoting your services through Google Ads and you need a place when a user can get more info and finally make a purchase? In situations like this, we usually turn to landing pages.

    There are easier to make, they are quite affordable. And in many cases, they prove to be very effective. A company landing page is usually a segment in the strategy. It’s a part of the lead’s journey, but normally it doesn’t generate conversions just on its own. Landing page and its design are undoubtedly important, but generally, it serves as a part of the mechanism. So it is usually used together with advertising on social media platforms, email marketing, etc.

    A landing page is usually the place where your visitor makes their final decision. Its design, messaging, visuals, everything should be approached carefully, if you want your page to drive results and not just be a waste of money and online space. There are many aspects that make an effective landing page.

    What we are going to share is not a one-size-fits-all recipe. In fact, if someone offers you something like that, they are probably lying. Every niche and business is unique. Without taking these differences into consideration it’s impossible to create an effective landing page. But there are, of course, some common recommendations and things to check before you approach building one:

    • having clear goals;
    • preparing catchy titles and headlines;
    • working out a persuasive product presentation;
    • strong visuals;
    • effective CTA;
    • ask a specific question and answer it within your page or email;

    If everything is done right, you will see high conversions and more customers when that’s your goal. One shouldn’t ignore the power of visuals. The right colors and quality pictures can do a lot to inspire your customer to trust and do business with you. You can also use graphics to help you with your product presentation and make your point clear.

    Your titles and headlines should be intriguing. There has to be something there that resonates with your customer. The same goes for the content, of course. Your goal is to propose a solution to a problem your visitor might have. A question and answer format works perfectly here. You can ask a question that your potential customer might have in their head and you propose an answer to that.

    The importance of strong CTAs is impossible to underestimate. The messaging should be clear and logical just like CTAs. A CTA should contain exactly the action you want your visitor to take.

    As we mentioned earlier, a landing page usually works in combination with other factors to drive sales. That’s where we are going to talk about inbound marketing.

    You have to have a strong strategy planned, and every element of it should be considered in relation to others. It’s important to create valuable content. Things to focus here are relatability and usefulness for a reader.

    The type of content you might want to focus on depends largely on your niche. Or you can hop on trends on popular platforms and possibly make that work for you. You can create articles or podcasts that will establish your image as a professional.

    When you already have a landing page, you might want to know if it is really working for you. Tracking its performance and getting customers’ feedback can help a lot to find out what aspects of your page need to be changed.

    Now let’s discuss some of the ways you can attract people to your landing page:

    A blog could be one of the most effective ways to do that. You can create valuable content and attach thr link to your page. Things to remember here are that your content should speak exactly to your target audience and provide value. Blog is a perfect space to show your expertise and build trust among the members of your audience. Probably it’s better not to make every article directly promotional, but rather to focus on providing valuable info on the related topics.

    Social media is marketers’ everything these days. It’s weird to ignore the place that is used by practically every human being to connect with others. There are different groups and communities based on interests and hobbies, so it’s a perfect place for targeting almost every type of audience. For reaching the right audience, of course, it’s necessary to conduct research. It both needs for you to choose the right platforms for promoting your business and to create a message appealing to your potential customers.

    SEO for landing pages can get tricky. It is not easy to create a page that both is appealing for your potential customer, converts, and has high rankings. But there are still some things you can do that will not harm the quality of your content. A readable domain name and smart keyword placement can do a lot on this front.

    So as you can see, if you want to create your own landing page the goal is to work out a strategy that will make your page convert.