What You Should Know about Effective Social Media Copy

    Social media has become an essential part of our everyday life. It is especially true for younger generations who prefer it to traditional media and spend a lot of their time there.

    So your business also must have started exploring the territory of social marketing. Or maybe you are already actively using it to drive sales and build a relationship with your audience.

    Well, anyway, it shouldn’t come as a surprise how important a good copy is. Having a consistent flow of engaging content is the best way to promote business on social media.

    So if you are just beginning, or maybe if you are looking for some ideas on how to optimize the creation and development of your content on social media and need some inspiration, we have got a few tips and insights that may be just perfect for you.

    Even though different platforms have different requirements when it comes to content, there are still some principles applicable to every one of them. There are still some essential things that you should probably focus one while creating your text content no matter where it will end up.

    Let’s dive in.

    So how can you make your content more engaging and more likable?

    Build consistent brand voice and image

    One of the initial steps when you only start approaching messaging on social media should be working out the voice and tone of your brand. Should they be the same as how you communicate with your audience through your website? Do you want to be playful on your social media? Do you want to focus exclusively on establishing your image as a professional? Or do you want to mix both?

    Remember that social media is a perfect space for showing the human side of your brand. And people are naturally drawn to things relatable. Look at this tweet by PopTart:

    It’s not very likely that they would say that on TV.

    To maintain consistency in your content, it can be very effective to create a set of guidelines. You might want to outline the style that your writers should follow when writing new content.

    Choose whatever tone best suits your niche, audience, and the platform you are on.

    Keep your audience in mind

    Talking about the audience, don’t forget that each social media platform serves different needs of different audiences. 

    You wouldn’t want to use the messaging that you use on Snapchat for Facebook. They have different audiences, and they expect different things. They use platforms for different reasons!

    So, going back to the guidelines, you might want to consider outlining what’s your tone should be on different platforms. Where you can allow your writers to be jokey and personal, where it’s necessary to have some boundaries?

    Different platforms require different schedules. You can tweet a lot on Twitter or add to your brand’s Stories in real time, but that may not be as appropriate for LinkedIn or Facebook.

    Mind your goals

    It’s pretty clear that before developing and running a marketing campaign one should set their goals and objectives first. But not many apply the same principle while working on their posts.

    It may seem obvious while talking about paid ads on any of the social media platforms. It’s clear that it’s all about promoting products on social media. But what about organic posts?

    Yes, here you also need to set goals, in order to be able to measure the success and effectiveness of your post. For example, your goal may be one of these:

    • gaining new followers;
    • branding;
    • getting clicks or shares;
    • generating conversions;
    • engagement and comments, etc.;

    Add perfect visuals

    The power of visuals is hard to underestimate. But when we say ‘perfect’, we don’t mean made necessarily with professional equipment or by the top designers. ‘Homey’, ‘DIY’ feel and raw pictures can sometimes be just exactly what you need. Take for example user-generated content, it can be very appropriate and engaging in some cases.

    It is important to learn how to connect your pictures with your text.

    Like, if you are talking about how important it is for you to provide the best experience possible for your customers, why would add a picture of kittens?

    Your visuals should reinforce your message, not distract from it.

    Inspire to engage

    It may be easier said than done, but still, this is something you should focus on.

    Social media provides exceptional opportunities for reaching audiences that you never knew you could without it. Motivating people to share and comment is one of the ways how you can be noticed by new users.

    That’s where all kinds of giveaways and contests come into play. Have a look at this post by Voss:

    Your content can make you look professional and generous and like you are making a difference, and all that stuff, but if at the end of the day, if it does not appeal to your readers then what’s the point of following you?

    UGC can be a way to go to be more relevant for your audience. Giveaways and stuff that people really care about like appreciation posts can be a great addition to your usual content.

    Know your memes (and trends)

    Although one shouldn’t probably be desperately trying to keep up with the youth and using words they don’t know the meaning of, ignoring trends completely is not the best idea either.

    What that means is you or your team should know what’s popular and what’s not, and what’s funny now and what people are talking about at the moment.

    Just remember that trends and memes tend to disappear quite quickly. And something that might sound cool yesterday is not necessarily cool today. And of course, stay true to yourself and your brand. There is no need to change your voice just to hop on a temporary trend, as four thousand likes under a post don’t equal four thousand committed customers.

    Be wise about hashtags

    There were times when everyone used a lot of #hashtags for every post. These times have passed.

    Hashtags still work; they are still relevant to a certain degree. But we wouldn’t suggest overdoing them. And the best way to use them probably would be to have branded hashtags. Nike are doing a great job using the hashtag that always reminds us about their brand:

    The same goes for emoji. They may be appropriate in some cases and for some platforms, but be careful and make sure that you know what a certain emoji stands for before using it.

    Well, we hope this bunch of tips was useful and you learned a couple of things. And of course, good and effective copy isn’t able to write itself. So you have to try, see where it’s taking you, and try again until you see the results that you want.

    You can always rely on our team in TOP Studio agency if you need any help with social media marketing advertising.