Why Should You Use WhatsApp in Your Marketing in 2020

Why Should You Use WhatsApp in Your Marketing in 2020

    WhatsApp is an extremely popular messaging app that has users all over the world. Adidas is one of the brands that have been already actively using it for driving sales. If you happen to think about using WhatsApp in your internet marketing, 2020 could be the perfect moment for that.

    The app allows users to send all types of content, not just plain texts, and supports video calls. It has been used actively to share and view news and entertaining content.

    Although it can be used effectively for achieving better marketing results, some might find it hard to find its audience on the platform. However, if you already have built it, it is extremely easy to make WhatsApp one of the channels that you use to interact with your potential customers and inspire them to engage with your brand. It is especially so if your TA is active users of the app. Once you have their contact info, you only need to find out whether they using it or not.

    Also, marketers can be afraid that just by sending your audience member a message out of nowhere you may come across as pretty darn creepy, and that’s not what we are here for. Unless you approach this channel strategically and using the right timing. It’s also might be very important to send a relevant message that is something your audience really would like to hear right now.

    Let’s discuss some of the most obvious reasons why you should use WhatsApp in your digital marketing.

    Phone calls are getting old

    If you need a direct channel to communicate with your customers and provide customer service, why not to use WhatsApp for that? Phone calls have been widely used for many services including delivery, making appointments, etc. But it’s not at all surprising that texting is taking over.

    A person doesn’t have to take time off from doing what they were doing while receiving a message, so it does not feel as intrusive. And many younger audiences feel more comfortable with text messages than they do with calls. If you are working with these audiences, then messaging through the app is the way to go.

    Popularity of WhatsApp

    WhatsApp enjoys huge popularity worldwide. It connects billions of people online. This huge audience presents amazing opportunities for finding new customers and establishing immediate connections with present ones.

    Your TA is already there

    Given the app’s popularity in recent years, it would make total sense to expect your TA to already be its active users. Almost 3/4 of users of the platform are between 18 and 44. And this is exactly the audience of active consumers.

    WhatsApp’s audience in the US is growing, and we can expect this trend to get only stronger. So why should you give up on an opportunity to connect with the audience in a meaningful way?

    High engagement

    Mobile messaging generally means higher engagement. The percentage of messages opened is near to 100%, according to HootSuite. And some 90% percents of them receive a response during the first few seconds after receipt.

    So the chances are – your message will be seen. And ultimately the ability to have immediate contact is hard to underestimate. Once you have established the contact through a message or status, you can have a very authentic interaction that feels real.

    Different features for different needs

    There a whole bunch of app’s features that can be used according to your needs. There are groups, status, calls, etc.

    Groups can be used successfully to create and develop communities in your audience. There are some limitations when it comes to the size of a group, but generally, there are smart ways you can approach it and divide your most active and loyal customers into relevant groups.

    Calling is a great feature mostly because it allows you to make calls free. You can save a lot of money on calling customers or clients who are in a different country.

    You can use sharing and status options to introduce customers to new promos and content of different formats.

    Easy to establish permission-based marketing

    You cannot just purchase contact lists in WhatsApp. Your customers must write you first to initiate the conversation. Or you have to ask for their number first. Either way, a person can easily say no to your marketing message or agree to engage with your brand. This way, you will an audience that is actually interesting in doing business with you.

    Personalization capabilities

    Since WhatsApp is a 1:1 messaging app, it’s very easy to take a person’s interests and preferences into consideration while reaching out to them. Personalization is getting more and more important as consumers are tired of generic messaging. There is nothing really hard to make sure that your interaction is more authentic while using the platform.

    You can share offerings that may be interesting to that particular person at a particular time. This is a perfect way to make sure your messaging is relevant.

    Use the app to provide great UX

    WhatsApp can be used effectively to provide great UX. You can interact with customers online, answer their questions, and even take shopping or delivery orders if that’s what your business is doing. You can then share updates on packaging tracking when products have been shipped.

    And of course, the app is free.

    There are so many ways you can make your interaction with your audience authentic and not to come across as intrusive.  Numerous features make the app perfect for many marketing strategies that you can only think of. And the app can be used very successfully for providing excellent customer service and interacting with a customer in a way that feels immediate and organic.

    Large companies are successfully using the platform to promote and engage with their audiences, and it can be a perfect tool in digital marketing for small businesses as well.