Why You Should Outsource Your Marketing

    It may be tough sometimes to trust someone else outside of your company to do your marketing. It is especially so if you have had some bad experiences with specialists or agencies. One of the most popular problems a lot of people have while outsourcing their marketing is that outsourcers focus on things that doesn’t really matter to them.

    If you are a business owner, the things that you care about most are leads and increased sales. Marketing specialists may pay particular attention to traffic or clicks and see improvements on this front as the main goal. But do you really care about getting clicks, if your sales are still low?

    The other thing is that you might believe that it’s hard to find outsourcers who would be as invested in your business as your employees. It may seem like a certainty that it’s only your staff that can possibly have a deep understanding of your products and values of your brand.

    But it seems like the marketing landscape has changed a lot, and hopefully, most of the specialists became different too. Their focus has shifted towards more substantial goals so that now they seek to understand the brands they are partnering with more and do the work that helps to achieve desired results.

    It may turn out that your company doesn’t need an inside team working full-time. Even though they may be many potentially successful channels that require a lot of time to see the sprouts of results, it may not be necessary to invest in every channel equally.

    If Instagram is a gold mine for your niche, why should you go on Snapchat? You might see reaching new audiences as a part of your strategy, but, let’s say, one post on Insta drives 1,000 conversions and one post on Snapchat only 2, the question is where should you invest more of your resources and time?

    Yes, there is no doubt that your employees will probably always be more aware of the values and products of your brand. But that doesn’t necessarily make their work more effective, and the understanding of some of the inner details is far from being the decisive factor in the success of the campaign they are running.

    In fact, it may be even better to trust your marketing to someone who has more of an outside perspective and more understanding of the marketing industry today, as well as current trends, and also has more points of reference when it comes to what works for other businesses.

    And when you are working with a performance based marketing company, you can basically choose to pay for every sale rather than view or click.

    Why Outsourcing?

    One of the main benefits of working with a marketing agency or company is that they have access to many effective tools and instruments that you would have to pay for additionally when it’s your employees who do your marketing.

    Marketing agencies work with many businesses, and most of the times, they have built an arsenal of tools to handle different aspects of marketing which they utilize with every client. Moreover, they have the necessary knowledge and experience of using them.

    And more importantly, our specialists and specialists of other agency are constantly developing their skills and educate themselves. Most of the marketeering specialists will tell you that they are reading articles, studies, observing the tactics of successful brands, and learning from the best in the industry.

    It’s great to have someone experienced; they can bring a lot to the table. Their background in different niches can be extremely helpful to navigate trends of the ever-changing market. Reading about marketing is very helpful, but nothing teaches you more than actual practice.

    Agencies, in most cases, have experience working with larger businesses which can help a lot while partnering with smaller ones and driving their to grow.

    Another good thing about outsourcing your marketing is that you can avoid a lot of hiring headaches. It’s no secret that hiring a person can be as stressful, as finding a new job.

    Also, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that, in most of the times, good and experienced specialists are already hired by someone. And most probably the company wouldn’t want to let go of them. Add to that the fact that many beginning marketers are expecting high wages.

    Besides that, you have much more flexibility in your communication while working with a marketing company. It also means being able to choose the agency and pricing that best suits you. If you have limited resources, there are always going to be companies that provide affordable digital marketing services for prices that are going to fit into your budget, so that you don’t have to make any sacrifices.

    There you have it, the answer why in many cases it’s much easier to partner up with an agency.

    So, and the end of the day, should you only rely on employees or outsourcers?

    Probably, the best way possible would be to have both marketers who work in and outside of your company. Of course, it is crucial to find the agency that you trust, and that shares similar views on what effective marketing means.

    And sometimes the reasons why you would win most working with an agency are totally rational, just like in any other type of human interaction.