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Differentiate yourself from your competition through unique selling proposition.
We help to mark key selling points to create truly compelling USP of your product or service.

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Any successful company should present its customers a unique selling proposition (USP). In this case, the product (goods or services) is shown in light of its unique qualities and characteristics, so that the product meets or exceeds customer expectations. Unique sales proposition also allows you to win the competition with other market players.

It is important to implement such marketing move as creating a USP because it will attract a significant part of the audience of competitors. Practically, it is rather difficult to solve such a problem within only one market direction.

In our web studio, you will receive qualified support from specialists who will determine unique selling ideas for your goods and services. After the launch of unique selling proposition advertising, your customers will see the obvious benefit from the purchase (order) from you.

Creating a unique selling proposition

The meaning of USP in business implies that it is a set of product properties that makes it different and unique. USP is associated with the characteristics of the goods (services) that no one else has ever presented on the market.

The process of creating a value selling proposition consists of:

  • evaluation of an existing business project;
  • assessment of sales system;
  • study of business processes aimed at sales;
  • preparation of a plan of sales (scenarios, techniques);
  • assessment of positioning, distribution channels and methods of product promotion;
  • other sales issues.

Our experts determine the unique properties of your product. Then the product is evaluated from the consumer point of view. Finally, the key differences of the product from a similar one of competitors are revealed. In the end, the target audience sees obvious advantages that make them buy exactly your product.

Order USP of product in TOP Studio

Creation of personal unique selling proposition requires a special approach from the experts of the web studio. That is why the final cost of forming a unique selling point is known only after the project assessment.

Leave a request by calling +1 (310) 806-16-56 (WhatsApp available), or write to info@topstud.io. We promptly respond to every request, providing consulting support. We look forward to work with you!

Stages of Work

  • Business niche analysis
  • Performance Marketing strategy
  • Goals set up

At this stage we form a vision of the future professional image you'll broadcast to your target audience.

  • Determining the value of a product
  • Corporate style creation
  • Positioning and competitors tune-out

At this stage we create list of attributes to establish clear and transparent communication with the target audience in order to broadcast a proper information to them.

  • Promotional events
  • Reputation management tools
  • Foster customer loyalty

We create and strengthen online and offline product presence in the market, expand brand reach, adapt and monitor performance of marketing strategies.

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