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Creating a brand identity

Any online project designed to successfully present your brand, company or products must have a distinctive corporate style. A branding designer develops logos and other visual elements with a goal to arouse the interest of users and move them to actions (to buy, order).

Some well-established companies find it hard to grow to a new level of sales. At the same time, young projects capture the market, involving the digital audience into the brand’s activities. What really helps them in it is a high-quality company identity design, which proved to be very effective in increasing the popularity of the brand.

The purpose of logo and brand design

A corporate identity package, in other words, is a set of graphics that potential customers associate with a certain company and its products. If a company identity package is formed according to all the rules of graphic design and marketing, then the corporate identity, logo and brand book will speak louder than any words. Clients will easily recognize the brand, which is the main sign of a successful custom brand design.

The main task in creating your brand identity is to highlight the company’s key advantages. The successful creation of graphics plays an important role in the hunt for leading positions in the market. Every experienced businessman understands the value of design & branding as an important step to increasing brand awareness, highlighting the product amidst competitors and building partnerships.

Features of creating a corporate identity

Of course, it is not enough to order only a logo of your brand thinking that this is the style of the company. The complex process of company branding services involves the selection of color schemes, symbols and other elements that are harmoniously combined into one concept. It will be displayed on all the documentation, advertising products, an Internet resource, the interior of offices, etc. In the future, everything related to the activities of the organization should be made in the same style.

Important! As for the logo, it becomes a simplified version of the style, recognizable by everyone in that niche of the market.

Moreover, non-visual elements can also become part of the brand identity design:

  • music
  • sounds
  • animation
  • infographics etc.

After establishing a brand identity, all its details are entered in the Brand Book, which is a guide for company leaders on how and where certain elements must be used.

Logo and brand design services from TOP Studio

Graphic design is what our web studio specialises in. If you want to design your brand, qualified specialists of TOP Studio have vast experience in developing corporate identity of any complexity. You can check examples of business branding services provided by our web studio on our website.

To order TOP Studio services, please call +1 (310) 806-16-56 or write to We’ll respond to your request as soon as possible. Look forward to work with you!

Stages of Work

  • Briefing
  • Goals set up
  • Related materials selection

At this stage we study client profile and determine the purpose of the future graphic object.

  • Moodboard creation
  • Sketching
  • Visualization

We provide drafts of visual creatives and determine the final design concept.

  • Sketches approval
  • Final rendering
  • Transfer to client

After client chose the final version - we draw and and transfer the final graphic product in required configuration.

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