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Development of business card website

Any company or individual entrepreneur need to keep in touch with their customers, partners, investors, etc. In view of that, it is extremely important to have a certain mechanism for presenting your organization and product to the public. Such a tool is called a business card website–a few-page Internet project that promotes your company or brand in a digital space.

In our web studio, we develop a turnkey digital business card website as well. Contact TOP Studio to order a high-quality online business card. Carefully study the information about the features of such a project to understand how your business company website will increase the profitability and recognition of your brand.

What a business card site is for?

An ordinary business card is a tool for communicating information about its owner. The list of basic details includes the name, position, various regalia of the card owner, as well as his contact information. The design of such a card complements the text elements, making them more visible and memorable.

The same principles apply to creation a virtual business card. Usually, it has 4-7 pages with detailed information about the activities of a company or a specialist. If you order such a company website in TOP Studio, we guarantee to do the work according to all the standards of modern company website development.

Benefits of having a business card web page

A business card site serves two main goals–to deliver the information and to advertise. It can be achieved either by direct contact with the target audience or as a result of portal promotion using SEO methods. Among other advantages of online business card website are:

  • moderate development cost;
  • a place to display all the necessary information about the organization and its products;
  • regardless of the work schedule of the company (specialist), the website can be accessed 24/7, which expands the target audience;
  • makes it easier to turn daily visits to purchases (orders);
  • increases the profit and promotes the image of the company;
  • can be launched in short terms;
  • an easy-to-use administrative panel, intuitive for the owner, etc.

In order to receive best business card website, it is better to contact only experienced specialists, who know all the technical stages of such projects creation. Professional developers from TOP Studio have deep knowledge in the field of online website promotion, which allows them to implement projects of any complexity.

Optional services with the creation of a business card website

Regardless of your knowledge of web development, we will always find a common language. Just tell us what features you want your company website to have, and we know all the technical details of how to make it life. With all our customers we go through the following steps:

  • develop a unique design;
  • study the structure of the site (decide on the number of pages required to bring all the information to the public);
  • install the project on a simple and easy-to-use CMS (control system);
  • connect all the required modules: feedback form, search, media gallery, hit counter, blocks with special offers (discounts, bonuses, sales), directions to the office of the company (specialist), choice of payment methods, etc.

Along with all the optional features, you will receive expert assistance in SEO optimization for your corporate web page.

The cost of ordering a business card website

TOP Studio is a client-oriented company, and we strive to build trusting relationships with each customer. So, we inform in advance that the minimum cost of developing a business card site from scratch is 999$. The final price is formed based on all customer requirements and technical solutions needed for their implementation.

We encourage every owner of a startup who has not yet made a recognizable name to order a business card site. In turn, our web studio offers qualified development together with SEO-promotion.

Leave a request or call +1 (310) 806-16-56 to order your digital business card online from web development experts!

Stages of Work

  • Setting Goals
  • Market research
  • Audience definition
  • Analytics

At this stage, we define the main goals of the project, make a marketing research, determine the target audience, describe your positioning and define the difference from your competitors.

  • Technical task
  • Prototypes
  • Content-plan
  • Mock-ups design

During this phase, we create e a detailed technical task for each team member, draw prototypes, design layouts for the future site, select/create ad banners.

  • Layout formatting
  • CMS set up and programming
  • Plugins and widgets integration
  • Content fill-up

At this stage we collect together the parts from the previous steps and form the final shape of your website.

  • Test
  • Analys
  • Adjustments
  • Support

It's a final countdown! After tests we approve project publishing and launch it online. We continue technical support and necessary adjustment for 2 months after launch.

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