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Online catalogue website development for e-commerce projects on turnkey basis.
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Creation of catalog website

If you deal with a wide range of product or services which cannot be ordered in one click but require prior discussion with the customer service manager, think of creating a webcatalog. It contains pictures with a detailed description of your goods and services but is not connected to the purchase modules.

TOP Studio offers fast and professional development of a high-quality online catalogue website that fully describes your products. Such an e-catalog will fulfill its main task–encourage users to make calls and submit requests for further dialogue with your company managers or directly with you (if you work as a single expert).

What a catalog site is designed for?

So, an electronic product catalogue is especially convenient for those suppliers of goods and services who must discuss an order with a client first. In this situation, product catalog website effectively informs the target audience about the company’s products, but, at the same time, is simpler and more affordable in development compared to an online store.

It is advisable to order a catalog website if you are engaged in:

  • creative work that requires detailed coordination of a project with the customer (design studio, photo services, illustration, etc.);
  • selling products with flexible price depending on customer requirements (production of special products from scratch, cargo transportation, consulting services, etc.);
  • B2B trade (trade with enterprises and other non-physical entities) in complex technologies, software, and other specific goods.

So, if in your business you cannot set to your customers a fixed price in advance, we are ready to create your own catalog. It will effectively present your products and connect you with the target audience!

Step-by-step creation of a web-based catalog

Our experts are well experienced in the field of web development. Just describe your idea or briefly present it in the form of a technical task, so that we start working on your ecommerce catalog. Here are the main steps of catalog web development:

  • coordination of technical features according to client’s requirements;
  • development of the concept design for the future e-catalog;
  • combining design with the software and installing the portal on one of the popular CMS (management system);
  • determining the set of the most necessary modules;
  • launching the project with the consequent testing;
  • handing over the ecommerce product catalog to the customer, providing him with a needed training of how to operate it.

The technical aspect of running an ecommerce catalog software should not scare you as we help every our client to understand it and use effectively, regardless of the amount of knowledge in the digital sphere.

How much does it cost to order a catalog site

The final cost of such a project is affected by its structural complexity (integration with 1C, functionality for import/export of products), the need to organize a filter of goods, and other optional components. The price ranges starting from 1 399$ and can be finally determined after the approval of all the features of the future catalog website.

In short, a webcatalog is an online store that does not have modules for online shopping. Though it takes less time for setting up, ecommerce product catalog has all the features of the Internet portals we develop (high conversion rate, promotion in search engines).

Leave a request or call us at +1 (310) 806-16-56 to discuss all the details. We are looking forward for fruitful collaboration with you!

Stages of Work

  • Setting Goals
  • Market research
  • Audience definition
  • Analytics

At this stage, we define the main goals of the project, make a marketing research, determine the target audience, describe your positioning and define the difference from your competitors.

  • Technical task
  • Prototypes
  • Content-plan
  • Mock-ups design

During this phase, we create e a detailed technical task for each team member, draw prototypes, design layouts for the future site, select/create ad banners.

  • Layout formatting
  • CMS set up and programming
  • Plugins and widgets integration
  • Content fill-up

At this stage we collect together the parts from the previous steps and form the final shape of your website.

  • Test
  • Analys
  • Adjustments
  • Support

It's a final countdown! After tests we approve project publishing and launch it online. We continue technical support and necessary adjustment for 2 months after launch.

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