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Creation of an internet portal

The process of developing an online web portal is more complicated than launching a selling website or online store. Since it’s designed to contain primarily informative or entertaining content, authors need to put efforts to fill a new web portal with technically correct and unique information that will interest the public. And if the database of such a portal expands, it means the internet community has picked up interest in it and that online portal website is fulfilling its role.

Setting up an online web portal

A distinctive feature of online portal development is its volume–at least 1000 pages in its initial form. There is a certain topical orientation of all sections within one or several themes: music, cinema, news, etc. Also, a web portal developer takes into account the fact that portal users will actively communicate with each other in the future.

While building a web portal, it’s important to apply the following technical features:

  • High-speed data processing. The Internet portal must be installed on a dedicated server, not on a typical hosting, which will not be able to manage such a volume of information.
  • Thoughtful service. All the best web portals contain the following components: a navigation system, forum, chat, the ability to send personal messages, to comment, etc.
  • Integration with large social networks, a streamlined process of filling pages with content, the ability to quickly moderate sections, etc.

If you are burning with ideas or have a hobby that you want to share with others, then ordering a custom web portal is the best idea. Thus, you can create your infotainment platform where users will spend time communicating with each other, playing, reading, listening to or viewing the content in various formats.

Like any other Internet project, an online web portal will contain ad units, without which it simply cannot gain profit or even exist. In the process of web portal development, it is important to ensure that advertising brings you income but, at the same time, does not irritate users. The best option is to insert indexed hyperlinks into the content.

Different types of web portal solutions

Today, e-portals are classified into horizontal and vertical. Horizontal ones cover a wide variety of topics. They can also be used by more than one company in the same industry. Vertical refer to narrow-profile portals–about medicine, literature, legal activities or even about education in the city or university.

Customer web portal for a big company is called corporate website. It stores all the information necessary for employees. Such projects may include data exchange, information base, electronic document management, etc. The internal resource of a serious company must have a high level of information security.

Web portal development cost

Turning to our web studio, you can order custom portal development starting from 3 399$. The price may grow since the process is technically complicated and requires more time from the specialists. The cost is affected by the scale of the portal, as well as its features.

Leave a request through our website, or call +1 (310) 806-16-56 (from 09:00 to 18:00) to discuss all the nuances of developing an Internet portal with one of TOP Studio specialists. In addition to custom web portal development, you will receive assistance in network promotion and technical support. We look forward to collaborate with you!

Stages of Work

  • Setting Goals
  • Market research
  • Audience definition
  • Analytics

At this stage, we define the main goals of the project, make a marketing research, determine the target audience, describe your positioning and define the difference from your competitors.

  • Technical task
  • Prototypes
  • Content-plan
  • Mock-ups design

During this phase, we create e a detailed technical task for each team member, draw prototypes, design layouts for the future site, select/create ad banners.

  • Layout formatting
  • CMS set up and programming
  • Plugins and widgets integration
  • Content fill-up

At this stage we collect together the parts from the previous steps and form the final shape of your website.

  • Test
  • Analys
  • Adjustments
  • Support

It's a final countdown! After tests we approve project publishing and launch it online. We continue technical support and necessary adjustment for 2 months after launch.

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