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Web service is a website that is designed to perform particular functions. Creating a Web Service requires a special approach since they have some significant differences compared to other types of websites.

First, let’s have a look at some of the most common types of web services existing today:

  • Tickets, hotels, travel tour booking websites;
  • Job listing websites;
  • Classified ads websites;
  • Educational web resources;
  • Virtual classifieds;
  • Aggregators and products and services search and comparison services;
  • Business solutions for corporations;
  • Other online services.

Web services allow users to get the services they need immediately and right on the spot such as registering and buying a ticket, posting a resume for a chosen vacancy, comparing products from different websites, and getting online educational courses. One of the main goals of a web service is to bring profit in real time and quickly solve a problem or any given task. This is what makes web services different from other web resources that usually focus on selling goods and services and usually fulfill a representative function, i.e. they give information about a business or company.

The development of web services usually costs more than the creation of a landing page or an online store. This is due to the higher spending on particular stages of the creation of web services.

The creation of web services always includes steps like UX-analytics, the development of UX/UI-design, HTML/CSS coding, programming, and extended testing of a web resource. As a result of web service development process, a client will receive smart business logic of their product, the realization of the required functionality of the website, trouble-free site service, and all the instruments required for further promotion and scaling.

How much does it cost to get a web service?

Prices for web service development generally start at 4 999 USD. This is a minimum price that includes the most necessary functionality of the web service. In most cases, the price is getting higher with each added instrument and integration: online payments, personal accounts, synchronization with CRM, etc.

Send us a request through our website – our managers will contact you as soon as possible for discussing the details of your order, or contact us through this number +1 (310) 806-16-56. You can get your high-quality, effective, and ready-to-use web service with high functionality as quickly as possible. We are waiting for your request!

Stages of Work

  • Setting Goals
  • Market research
  • Audience definition
  • Analytics

At this stage, we define the main goals of the project, make a marketing research, determine the target audience, describe your positioning and define the difference from your competitors.

  • Technical task
  • Prototypes
  • Content-plan
  • Mock-ups design

During this phase, we create e a detailed technical task for each team member, draw prototypes, design layouts for the future site, select/create ad banners.

  • Layout formatting
  • CMS set up and programming
  • Plugins and widgets integration
  • Content fill-up

At this stage we collect together the parts from the previous steps and form the final shape of your website.

  • Test
  • Analys
  • Adjustments
  • Support

It's a final countdown! After tests we approve project publishing and launch it online. We continue technical support and necessary adjustment for 2 months after launch.

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