How much does it cost to create a website / internet store?

The cost of digital project starts from 45,000 rubles. The price is determined depending on the complexity of your task, the amount and scope of work. We will prepare for you an individual offer with a discount if you order few different services at one time.  the development of several sites. You can pay for the services by installments.

How long does it take to create a website?

The duration of the work depends on the size and complexity of the task. On average, our clients receive a ready web-resource within 3 weeks after the start of cooperation. Large projects can take more than a month, and a small online store can be ready in a week.

What are the steps of website development?

First, we analyze your business, your goals, your target audience, your competitors and create unique sales proposition which will be presented on future Website. Then, based on the data obtained we draw prototypes – a plan for the future site. After making the necessary revisions and agreeing on the prototype, the design phase begins. We create the “appearance” of the main and internal pages of future resource. After the client approves the final mock-ups, we proceed to the layout. Next comes the programming stage – writing code and setting up a CMS, then testing and launch. In conclusion, the client signs the Act of completion, and our specialists provide all information about web resource management.

Do you support websites you’ve created after launching?

When creation is completed, we don’t leave our customers alone. Our technical support specialists monitor the website’s working capacity, ensure that it is up and running without any issues.  We cooperate with leading SEO companies, so if you want to promote your website or launch PPC advertising campaign, you will receive an advantageous offer from us.

How much does the technical support cost?

The cost of this service starts from 15,000 rubles per month. We create an individual plan of technical support for you which includes following activities: forehanded updates, availability maintenance, viruses search and remove, remove of duplicates and blank pages, fixing any issues and errors. Individual works include improvements in design, layout, programming, writing and adding new modules. The price is determined depending on the type of work that you need to perform.

Why are you so expensive?

If you compare the cost of a comfortable chair and a plastic chair in a furniture store, the price of the first one also seems high. However, if you need exactly a comfortable chair (an effective and easy-to-manage resource), then the rates of the company TOP Studio are quite justified. When your order our services, you invest it in your own project in full amount, which will then be a regular source of your profit.

Will I have a unique design?

Of course! Our company is not engaged in the development of similar sites. Before starting work, we will study your business, competitors, target audience, so that you get a profitable, recognizable website with unique design and easy-to-use functionality.

Is page content creation included in the price?

We perform the basic content of the resource with the content you provide. If you need to write high-quality texts from scratch, you can order this service for a fee.

How much does digital marketing cost?

The cost of performance marketing depends on several factors: the state of the resource, the range of products, the regions in which you want to come out on top, the level of competition in your business niche. Our partners will conduct a free preliminary audit for you. After evaluation, experts will provide you with strategy to reach the first promotion results for your business. We develop sites to meet the requirements of search engines, so you can count on the most favorable conditions for cooperation.

Why should I choose «TOP Studio»?

Our company has been operating on the market for more than 5 years. We have gone through all stages of the web development industry and have accumulated invaluable experience that helps us to have unspoken understanding with our customers. Our specialists constantly improving their skills by attending professional conferences, seminars, workshops where they upgrade digital knowledge database. We create a web product that quickly pays for investments and brings profit to our customers.

How long you have been on IT market?

We offer web development services for over 5 years. Since 2014 we have completed more than 500 projects, have worked with customers from different business areas and we can surely say that we know hot to deal with tasks of any complexity. A large portfolio allows us to identify as professionals who are efficient in a particular industry. We will analyse your business in details and offer the best solution for you.

How many people work in your team?

We’ve got 12 professionals in our team: web developers, graphic and web designers, layout designer, content writers, marketing specialist, project manager. Our experts have comprehensive competence to create a web project from scratch. But that is not all. We have been on digital market for over 5 years and we will be happy to bring in our team of professional specialists to work on your project.

Why draw a prototype if you can create design directly?

Imagine – you decided to build a house. Even if it’s just a dog house, you don’t get down to work until you draw a plan. Modeling the interfaces of the future resource in a construction project: a prototype helps the client and developers to understand how the elements will be located, how they will interact with each other. Designing at first step is not a waste of resources, but risk prevention. The prototype helps to formulate ideas about the result, optimize time, plan costs and insure against an unscrupulous partner.

How much is web hosting and domain registration?

Web hosting cost starts from 5$ per months. Domain cost varies from domain zone and starts from 3$ per year.

What web hosting do you offer?

We collaborate with trustworthy hosting provider — Beget, leader on Russian market. Beget guarantees data security and high stability due to modern equipment.

Can you provide any guaranty?

We guarantee strict compliance with written in the contract terms of cooperation. Our experience confirmed by many successful cases in the portfolio,allow us to make such commitments. Plenty of well-known clients trust us and outsource all digital projects to our team.

Do you sign an agreement?

Yes, sure. We make an official contract with our clients, where we fix the terms and cost of work. The price after signing the documents remains unchanged.

Do you meet with your customers?

Yes, sure. We will be happy to come to your office or invite you at ours at agreed time to discuss all the details of our cooperation.


Our goal at the preparation stage is to understand how website will bring you the greatest profit. An expert designer does the work depending on the results of this preliminary study. Each design element is created for a reason, we do our best to make your website attract your target audience. It’s very rare that client does not like the design, but if happens, the reason that the customer himself does not belong to the target audience or doesn’t know exactly what he wants and what audience wants. We always justify the reasons why we chose this or that design, give facts and analytics, and work until the client is satisfied with the result.

What CMS do you work with?

We work with reliable, convenient CMS that have proven their worth and are well suited for your business: WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, DataLife Engine and OpenCart. At the final step of web development, we will teach you and your employees how to manage the website admin panel.

What are the benefits of promotion in social media for my business?

Each client has different goals: if you have a start up, then the goals of social media promo campaign will be as follows:

create USP (a unique selling proposition) and clearly define your target audience;

develop a strategy for maintaining the page in comparison with competitors;

increase brand awareness;

increase audience loyalty by regularly “warming up” interest and adding value to your product / service.

If you have been active in social networks for a long time, we will start with a detailed audit of your pages and define goals and objectives.

Regardless of the chosen strategy, we will attract new customers and retain your active audience.

Why should I choose your company to promote company on social media?

we dive into the business of our clients, thoroughly studying the market, interests, needs and “pains” of your audience;

our experts are deeply in love with their work – it’s a key to successful goal achievement;

we work with different industries – whether it is a personal brand, start up or a company with wide range of services;

we keep our prices low thanks to perfectly coordinated work and easy flowing interaction within our team. You pay us same price as a freelancer, and in return you get the quality of services of the best agencies and even more: we plunge into your business with the head – after all, the success of our customers is our success!

we squeeze the maximum out of the minimum advertising budget, creating custom proposals for your target audience;

we provide you with a monthly report and, if necessary, change tactics and adjust the USP.

absolute transparency of all processes;

fast feedback – have questions or fresh ideas? – we are always in touch

What info do you need from me to start promotion of business on social media?

As a business owner, you determine the level of your involvement in social media marketing process. For example, the degree of your involvement in personal brand development is very high. We do our work on a turn-key basis, but in some situations we ask the Client to appoint a person responsible for interaction with subscribers – if there is a need for detailed consultations on the product / service or if they need to make an appointment.


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