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Order a comprehensive technical and SEO performance analysis of your website with detailed seo site checkup report.
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SEO Audit
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Seo site audit

One of the services that TOP Studio offers to its clients is a full website audit. Our specialists carry out professional SEO search analysis of any Internet resource. During web audit the following parameters of a website are checked:

  • the quality of web development;
  • uniqueness and correctness of the content;
  • existing technical optimization, etc.

The resulting SEO site checkup report will show a full picture of what mistakes were made during the creation or promotion of the project that prevent it from making a profit.

How SEO audit is carried out

Website SEO performance test allows our specialists to see how far your website is from reaching TOP-10 of Google search results. By ordering SEO analysis of a website in TOP Studio, you’ll get web audit in the following areas:

  • the presence of sanctions from search engines;
  • host factors;
  • indexing pages;
  • ranking of pages by search queries;
  • duplicated pages or content;
  • URL factors;
  • errors made in the HTML code;
  • availability and correct filling of technical files (robots.txt, sitemap.xml, htaccess);
  • problems in the work of the CMS (management system) on which the site is hosted;
  • usability analysis.

Website audit service includes not only report on existing shortcomings but also recommendations on how to improve the portal and make it work to its full potential.

Who needs to order a web page audit

The root cause of the need to order an audit website performance is your failures in the organization of work of the resource. The very first suspicions that the site is under penalties from search engines should bring you to our specialists.

The specialists of our web studio have many years of experience in the field of SEO analysis and website audit. Websites checked by us are successfully functioning now, occupying top positions in Google search. It is because our highly qualified web developers detected and fixed all the errors.

Website audit cost

You can order SEO research and analysis of your website in TOP Studio at a price from 299$. The final cost is affected by technical features, structural complexity and scale of your project. For example, it takes more time to check SEO quality of an online store than a business card website or a corporate website. Based on the results of the website health audit, we can also correct errors (for an additional fee).

You can order SEO audit by calling +1 (310) 806-16-56 or by sending a text request to We look forward to work with you!

Stages of Work

  • Market research
  • Goals set up
  • Audience description
  • Analytics

At this stage, we define the main goals of the project, make a marketing research, determine the target audience, describe your positioning and define the difference from your competitors.

  • Positioning
  • Sales funnel
  • Unique sales proposition
  • Media-planning

At this stage we implement a complex marketing strategy and manage advertising channels during all stages of the sales funnel.

  • End-to-end analytics
  • Conversion evaluations
  • KPI measurement
  • Ad campaigns correction

Tracking performance ratios in real time and scheduled adjustment of promo activities.

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