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Social networks have become widely demanded platforms for promoting brands or products (goods, services). Pages on popular social networks (Instagram, Facebook) are equally effective at advertising your business as official websites of companies and specialists. The process of promoting products on social media is called SMM (Social Media Marketing). If you wonder on what social media platform you can promote your business, the answer is here. In TOP Studio you can always order affordable social media marketing for small business and big enterprise. Advertising your business on social media will increase your brand publicity and profits.

Social networks audience consists of billions of people, and half of them visit their pages every day. This fact makes social platforms the best advertising channel. Specialists of our web studio are experienced in social media marketing for startups, as well as for established companies.

How to advertise products on social media

Social media marketing is a complex process with many procedures. Our specialists divide them into several main blocks.

Content creation:

  • First, we thoroughly study the product and industry background;
  • Considering the client’s goals, we outline a plan of future content;
  • Text, photo and video materials are created;
  • Prepared materials are posted online according to the previously generated schedule;
  • Targeted advertising campaigns are launched and monitored.

Direct stimulation of sales

The target audience of the official website is growing, leads are being generated (users who filled out the application form, placed an order), etc;
As the community grows, the number of subscribers increases and the coverage of published material also swells.

Online media promotion may include additional services:

  • interaction with bloggers;
  • personal brand development;
  • creation of a unique design for business pages;
  • online production of promo information, etc.

With all this, our experts develop business card sites, landing pages, catalogs, online stores, and other types of online projects necessary for the effective promotion of your product or brand in digital space.

How can social media optimization agency help

Personalized social media marketing will contribute to your company’s development. It will help you conquer vast territories of social media citizens. By covering different social networks, we achieve the following:

  • building up target audience (attracted users 70% match the image of your potential client);
  • increase the traffic (content marketing, publication of materials, targeted advertising and other tools increase the frequency of visits to your site, which has the most positive effect on SEO promotion);
  • reaching potential customers (when advertising campaigns set up correctly, messages are seen by the users who are most interested in your brand or product);
  • increase in transactions (without additional advertising channels, social networks alone take users through all stages up to placing an order).

Thus, marketing your business on Instagram or Facebook, as well as arranging contextual advertising (CA), specialists of TOP Studio boost your business credibility and profits.

The benefits of SMM in digital marketing

Social networks are becoming the main source of information for users, which makes such platforms an ideal place for advertising. Given the amount of information processed and the number of potential users, it is extremely important to contact online marketing and social media consultant who will be able to direct your advertising correctly.

How does social media help promote business? Providing SMM services, we think through every step to get the maximum benefits for your business:

  • greater audience reach;
  • increase in the number of active clients (buyers, customers);
  • formation of brand loyalty;
  • promotion of repeat sales;
  • reaching users who usually ignore traditional advertising campaigns (banners, TV commercial);
  • involvement in the community of users interested in your brand;
  • formation of a unique channel of communication with the target audience, etc.

Working with social networks will open up new opportunities for your company. The specialists of TOP Studio are ready to help increase sales with the digital tools available to us. A clear understanding of business goals allows us to create content and ads that meet the requirements and budgets of our customers. You’ll get the maximum possible result with the resources at our and your reach.

SMM promotion strategy

There is no single algorithm that could be called ‘The best way to promote business on social media.’ Specialists of our web studio apply a personalized approach to social media marketing covering all directions of promotion in social networks at the same time.

The designer creates a design concept that matches the corporate identity of your company and product theme.

The targetologist establishes CA to increase the flow of users who visit both the pages of social networks and the website of your company.
The content manager creates materials that catch users attention at a glance (from the first words they read).

And, of course, it’s the sense of personal responsibility of each of the TOP Studio employee that allows us to achieve almost 100% result for every project we work on.

How affordable is social media marketing?

The price for every project ordered from TOP Studio is calculated individually. The number of SMM directions, as well as the amount of work, affect the final cost. In any case, the money paid is an investment in the future of your brand. So, we welcome clients with any budget to choose something from our social media marketing services list.

Call +1 (310) 806-16-56 or e-mail to find out all the details of online media promotion, as well as order SMM services. We look forward to work with you!

Stages of Work

  • Market research
  • Goals set up
  • Audience description
  • Analytics

At this stage, we define the main goals of the project, make a marketing research, determine the target audience, describe your positioning and define the difference from your competitors.

  • Positioning
  • Sales funnel
  • Unique sales proposition
  • Media-planning

At this stage we implement a complex marketing strategy and manage advertising channels during all stages of the sales funnel.

  • End-to-end analytics
  • Conversion evaluations
  • KPI measurement
  • Ad campaigns correction

Tracking performance ratios in real time and scheduled adjustment of promo activities.

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