Can You Use Smartphone Location to Improve Marketing?

Can You Use Smartphone Location to Improve Marketing?

Search Engine Land has recently held one of its Lives with experts on marketing, this time it was CEOs of quite well-known companies.

The pandemic has had a huge influence on how people buy and consume both basic things like food and household goods and clothes, devices, etc. Businesses that have been closed due to the pandemic are now slowly starting to open again.

That’s where using location data can be of great help. Using it can help us understand how exactly customer behavior has changed. And also it’s necessary to make sure that you are reaching out to the right audience located in your area. Some businesses and stores and closing, and it may be just the perfect moment to grab the attention of their past customers and make them yours.

These are just a few insights and ideas from this Live, you can follow this link to access the full session.

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