Facebook Presents Experimental Community-App Called ‘Forecast’

Facebook Presents Experimental Community-App Called ‘Forecast’

Facebook has recently launched an experiment that you may find very interesting. It is an app created to allow people to engage in conversation and try to predict upcoming events or outcomes of current situations using collective knowledge. The app is called ‘Forecast’. And it’s interesting to see that regular people will have an opportunity to express their opinion, and we can have this new source of forecast not from experts and specialists from major platforms but from them.

This app is basically a community when a person can ask a question, and then the community is able to share their point of view. It looks like polls and mostly focuses on the future.

Right now it is in testing mode, so not everyone can have access to it. Only iOS users from the United States and Canada who have invites are able to become members of the community at this point. But the results of these predictions are available to anyone at their official site.

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