Google Launches Visually-Oriented ‘Keen’ for Hobbies and Interests

Google Launches Visually-Oriented ‘Keen’ for Hobbies and Interests

Pinterest has long been the main destination for hobbyists and people who are looking for inspiration to do things that they interested in differently. A lot of search in the related areas is taking place on that platform. So it seems like Google could want a piece of that.

It has recently launched its ‘Keen’ app. It is also a visually-oriented app for hobbies and interests that allows users to share their findings and results of their experiments with their friends.

Right now, it is available through the browser and on Android. You can also save interesting content, and then your search will show more thinks that you might like. Just like Pinterest.

It looks like Google’s attempt to get some of that traffic from people who like cooking, sewing, gardening, and other popular areas of interest. Pinterest used to be and still is pretty much one of the most popular platforms for these interests. We have to wait and see whether Keen will see as much popularity.

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