Instagram Collaborates with Netflix on Live Series

Instagram Collaborates with Netflix on Live Series

Coronavirus lockdowns are affecting many areas of our lives, especially our social interactions. Restricted social interactions can be a huge problem for younger people.

It is the right moment for a new collaboration between Instagram and Netflix on a series dedicated to self-care during the outbreak and lockdowns. The new series is called ‘Wanna Talk About It’.

The series goes live every week and features some famous among younger generations guests like Noah Centineo, and Jerry Herris, as well as many others. It started live on April 9 on Netflix’s Instagram account.

It all seems to come together since almost 2/3 of Instagram users are below 34 years old and Netflix is the top popular video service for teenagers.

Given the relevance of the discussed topics and novelty of its format, it could see major popularity among target audience.

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