Snapchat Shares Update on How People Are Dealing with Pandemic

Snapchat shared a new update about how the behavior of the platform’s users has changed because of the novel coronavirus pandemic and its consequences. The insights are based on the survey conducted on the platform.

Some of the findings include:

  • more than 2/3 of the respondents said that they are happy to finally be able to meet with their love interests in real life;
  • people who are 17 and younger are the most excited to be able to go back to the physical stores and cinemas;
  • more than 50% of users are looking forward to starting communicating with other people in cafes, pubs, bars, etc;

Even though there is a lot of excitement about getting back to normal, some of the users have shown the willingness to take precautionary measures such as avoiding large groups and public gatherings.

Besides that, the survey has provided some info into how people are communicating with people that they care for. Of course, most of the respondents rely on messengers (79%), while phone calls or video calls are still a relatively popular option (75%).

You can follow this link to find out more details of the report.

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