TikTok Is Hungry for Collaborations with Brands

TikTok Is Hungry for Collaborations with Brands

Taylor Lorenz is the NYT’s reporter who explains memes, internet culture, YouTube and TikTok to the wider audience. She recently joined the “Ad Lib” podcast to talk about the relationship between brands and influencers and internet trends.

She noted that, in her opinion, TikTok really wants to bring brands’ attention to its platform. Right now brands are almost avoiding TikTok because they do not understand how to build their presence on the platform. You can ads, you have partnerships with influencers, but to make your thing go viral is not the easiest thing for a brand.

Taylor said that teenagers now are more interested in seeing brands that support creators than brands who are struggling to be relatable.

She also shared another insight into the preferences of younger audiences. Taylor believes that perfect, well-edited dollhouse Instagram aesthetic doesn’t resonate with teenagers anymore. In her opinion, it’s the time for raw, authentic content that could be made by anyone. It’s about whether they can relate to it or not.

So, you should probably keep these insights in mind, if your marketing campaign targets younger audiences. Who knows maybe TikTok will soon become effective and demanded marketing platform?

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