Twitter’s Survey Shows What Kind of Content Users Expect during Pandemic

Twitter’s Survey Shows What Kind of Content Users Expect during Pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak has been having a negative impact on businesses and marketers all around the world. Event businesses have seen a devastating effect with many cancellations caused by safety and health concerns. Many are trying to find ways to adapt to this unstable situation by using new ways to interact with their audiences online during the massive lockdowns.

Twitter’s new survey can provide marketers and business owners with some interesting insights. Twitter asked users about their feelings and opinions regarding advertising during the coronavirus outbreak. Some of their findings were that:

  • about  2/3 of the respondents think that companies should advertise their services and products as usual;
  • some 77% said that they have better opinions about companies that seek to support the community during the crisis;
  • more than half of them stated that being exposed to advertisements makes them feel like everything is normal;
  • as little as 7% don’t expect any changes in the tone of voice of companies on social media during the outbreak;

One of the things that one can clearly see in this data is that right now it’s crucial to change how you interact with your audience on social media, but that doesn’t necessarily mean stopping advertising what you have to offer. And if you are putting effort into supporting your local communities and your staff, it’s important to display that in your content. Now, more than ever, people are expecting to see heroes or at least some expressions of altruism. 

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