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To create a mockup for website is an important stage in web development. Just like a painter has to draw a pencil sketch before they can paint a picture, website development requires web prototyping.

Website prototype is a schematic depiction of some of the main pages of a site that looks like a sketch, draft, outline, or flowchart showing the placement of informational items on the page (menus, buttons, images, texts, etc.).

A prototype allows us to work out and estimate consumer behavior on the site, find the most effective placement of links, contact forms, and attention-grabbing elements, and create the most effective way to present content for a viewer beforehand.

Website prototyping makes the process of web development many times easier because the prototype allows us to work out and agree on details much quicker, so we can save a lot of time. It’s much more complicated and takes much more time to adjust already finished design compared to a prototype that can be easily edited.   

Stages of page and website prototyping

  • Agreeing on statements of work and  clarifying the details that the client might have;
  • Analyzing the target audience of the website and client’s business in general in order to find the right points of emphasis for information on pages of the website;
  • Developing the prototype of the main page of the website, getting the approval of the client;
  • Prototyping of internal web pages and building the initial ‘skeleton’ of the future website;
  • Final approval of the stage of prototyping by the client and transferring files to a designer in order for them to start creating layouts.

Website prototyping costs

Website prototyping is usually considered to be a part of the complex web development project, but if you need it as a separate service, the prices start 299 USD. The price depends on the number of pages needed to be prototyped, market and audience analysis, functionality audit, etc. A good site prototype will allow you to save time and money if your goal is to create a quality website.

Send us a request through our website – our managers will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the details of your project, or contact us first on this number +1 (310) 806-16-56. You will have a ready high-quality website prototype within the shortest possible period of time. We’d love to hear from you!

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